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Need high-velocity growth? Try inside sales outsourcing

Outsourced lead generation accelerates results for medtech and digital healthcare startups

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

What’s hot right now? It’s definitely digital health and medical technology. Innovation abounds, and investors are banking big on the sector after another year of record investment.

Medtech and digital healthcare startups tallied just over $29 billion in funding across more than 700 deals during 2021. Even more impressive, that total more than doubled the medtech investment in all of 2020.

Once the ink dries on the contracts and those venture capital funds are in the bank, however, the real work remains for medtech and healthcare startups: quickly and efficiently bringing innovation to market.

Accelerate your impact by outsourcing inside sales activities

If you’re leading a medical technology or digital healthcare startup, you know getting fast traction in the market is essential. Yet most startups spend their infancy with a shoestring staff. Long hours are part of the commitment—but even the most dedicated team won’t have time to kickstart your sales engine on their own.

That’s where inside sales outsourcing comes in.

At Volkart May, we act as an extension of your internal team, giving your medtech startup the talent and the resources to:

  • Test and refine your value proposition with potential healthcare buyers
  • Gather market intelligence to guide sales and marketing efforts
  • Identify interested healthcare prospects and generate qualified leads
  • Accelerate sales and help achieve your revenue goals

It’s a process we’ve perfected with innovative digital healthcare startups (and established medtech companies) over the past 30 years.

How inside sales outsourcing in healthcare works

Our inside-sales-as-a-service model makes getting started—and managing your lead generation program—as easy as turning the dial up or down.

With inside sales outsourcing, there’s no time, effort or expense required to hire, train and manage an internal team for business development activities. You can focus your limited resources on closing deals while our professional healthcare callers take your message to the marketplace with potential buyers at hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, care centers and other medical facilities. It’s a smart way to generate awareness, enhance your market knowledge and meet aggressive revenue goals.

1. Discovery

We start with a deep dive into your brand and your sales goals. Who is your target buyer? What makes your solution different and preferred? What challenges will it solve?

2. Collaboration

Next, we work together to gather a prospect list, create our campaign strategy and develop the right message. Our process is 100 percent transparent—we bring best practices and know-how for exceptional lead generation and healthcare sales prospecting, and we rely on our clients for specific knowledge about your company and product.

3. Teamwork

Inside sales outsourcing with Volkart May involves a team of professional business development representatives, call center supervisors and a project manager, all dedicated to your campaign. You’ll have a single point of contact, a collaborative process, and best of all, outbound callers who you’ll get to know by name.

4. Live Outbound Calling

Your project kicks off with a training session with your healthcare calling team. Then, we hit the phones and start fueling your sales pipeline. You’ll see results within just a few days.

Our lead generation campaigns measure numerous metrics, from reach rate with healthcare decision-makers and usability of your list to qualified leads generated and market insights gathered. In addition to regular reports and updates from your project manager, you can even listen to digital recordings of actual calls. There’s nothing more valuable than hearing from your medtech startup’s target audience in their own words.

5. Results and refinement

From day one of your medtech or digital healthcare calling campaign, we’re working with you to interpret results and optimize progress. We continuously hone and refine our approach, with the ability to pivot swiftly when needed, to maximize your success.

Give your digital health or medtech startup a competitive edge

Results are critical for investor-backed businesses, and that means tapping every competitive edge possible. Using a proven healthcare lead generation and inside sales solution like Volkart May positions you for success.

These are just a few benefits of outsourced business development in healthcare:

  • Maximizes your ROI by eliminating overhead and human capital expenses
  • Keeps your internal team focused on high-value activities like closing deals
  • Fills your sales pipeline with a steady stream of qualified leads
  • Generates immediate market insights to enhance your messaging and approach
  • Applies best practices from experienced healthcare sales resources
  • Makes it easy to scale in volume and velocity as needed

Still curious? Check out our medtech and digital healthcare case studies. Learn why innovators like OneOme, Medicom Health Interactiveand other leading medtech brands trust us to represent them.

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