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Four ways to refresh lead generation during COVID-19

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Bill Murray’s character experiences the same February day over and over for a period of weeks. Same breakfast, same annoying neighbors, same end of winter forecast by the groundhog himself. With the current COVID-19 pandemic,…

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How to create a BDR sales call guide

During initial inside sales conversations—those that are very early in the sales funnel—it’s helpful for a business development representative (BDR) to have a set of guidelines. Following these proven best practices for B2B and medtech outbound calling will steer the…

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The power of human connection in sales

There are plenty of ways to communicate with leads and prospects during the sales process, and while communication channels such as email certainly play a role, it’s still important to incorporate live conversations and maintain human connection. This is more…

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4 ways a call center benefits the marketing team

B2B and medtech professionals most often associate a call center with sales, customer service or technical support functions. However, a call center can also benefit the marketing department in a number of ways, especially in a lead generation environment. Working…

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Calling all sales and marketing detectives!

In complex sales cycles, only a few leads will immediately result in paying customers. But, that doesn’t mean that every lead isn’t valuable in some way or another. Medtech and B2B companies can learn a lot from simple detective work…

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