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Hitting Home Runs in Sales: Proven Tactics to Boost Your Prospecting Game

Winning baseball teams and winning sales teams share many smart habits

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

The crack of the bat. The roar of the crowd. The spectacular play to win the game.

If you’re experiencing these sights and sounds, then it must be baseball season.

There are many parallels between winning baseball teams and the medtech and B2B companies that succeed in sales. Whether you’re a diehard sports fan or not, there are many ways to improve your sales team’s performance by following the habits of exceptional teams.

5 major league strategies to improve your sales process

What do winning baseball teams and winning sales teams have in common?

1. They show up

Star athletes know that win or lose, much of the effort is simply about showing up on the field. Not every at bat will produce a homerun, but getting on base requires putting in the work, day in and day out. The same consistency fuels success in lead generation and inside sales. The more sales prospecting calls you make, the greater your chances of reaching your sales strategy and goals. Top sales reps recognize the correlation between regular outbound calling of prospecting efforts and a full pipeline of qualified leads and closed sales opportunities.

2. They measure

From pitch speed and strikeouts to batting averages and RBIs, baseball thrives on statistics. Coaches and players measure everything, then use that analysis to finetune their sales game. Not only do they monitor their own performance, they also scout the competition. Effective sales representatives do the same. They understand the lead generation, sales KPIs, inbound prospecting and outbound calling metrics that matter to their business. They track their own performance, assess their sales skills and know how they stack up in the greater marketplace. They’re open to feedback and coaching, using these important details to strengthen their results (and acquire happy customers!).

3. They make substitutions

Baseball managers and coaches have a big job to do, which includes making important decisions throughout the season, and even mid-game. Bringing in a relief pitcher. Changing the batting order. Signaling for a bunt at a crucial moment.

Marketing and sales leaders at B2B and medtech companies need the confidence (and the market insights) to make similar tough calls in the buying process. Behind on your quarterly revenue goals? Worried about a new competitor in the market? Curious whether different sales collateral will generate more leads? It might be time to substitute different resources or try a new sales technique method. Knowing how best to leverage your budget and reach your goals is a hallmark of winning teams.

4. They build bench strength

There may be just nine players on the baseball field at any given time, but the depth of talent available is far greater. In sales, your starting lineup are your best sales folks. To support them, you’ll also need a roster of inside sales callers who can qualify ideal prospects, generate leads and nurture cooler opportunities. You’ll even want to develop a farm team—a trusted resource who can warm up a territory or handle special projects—to keep your sales pipeline full of target prospects and qualified opportunities. Outsourcing to a professional contact center like Volkart May gives you options at all levels.

5. They motivate each other

What happens at the end of every baseball play? On the field and in the dugout, the players show visible support for their teammates. They actively motivate and encourage each other. They avoid the negativity and self-doubt that can sabotage performance. They work together to help the entire team find the win. Successful sales professionals do the same. They know it’s critical to build camaraderie and trust, and to keep morale high.

Keeping sales best practices like these at the heart of your medtech or B2B sales team will create a winning atmosphere on the “sales pitch” that can propel your organization forward.

Add new talent to your sales roster

Ready to make this your most winning sales season? Put Volkart May’s professional callers to work as an extension of your internal sales and marketing team. We’ll increase your averages and help you hold more conversations that convert to qualified leads, sales-ready appointments and potential buyers. Ask about our lead generation capabilities for medtech and B2B brands.

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