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We cold call and deliver so your sellers can sell

Lead generation and sales prospecting services for medtech and B2B

Keep your sales pipeline flowing

If you’re a medtech or B2B professional, you know how difficult it can be to connect with busy decision-makers. They routinely ignore emails, leave mail unopened and quickly scroll past digital ads. It’s a lead generation challenge that digital tools alone can’t solve.

We call, you close

Outbound calling produces the qualified leads you need to fill your medtech or B2B sales funnel. At Volkart May, we live to cold call—a skill that most high-powered sales people abhor. Our well-trained callers know how to navigate through gatekeepers and engage healthcare and B2B buyers. They’re friendly. They’re professional. They get answers that get results.

Outsourcing to a dedicated contact center amplifies your sales prospecting and keeps your in-house team focused on what they do best: closing sales.

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Proven B2B and medtech sales prospecting

For 30 years, leading brands have trusted Volkart May’s medtech and B2B lead generation teams to:

Contact prospects in a targeted database.
Whether you need to introduce a new product, expand a sales territory, support a digital marketing campaign or simply generate an ongoing stream of qualified leads for your B2B and medtech sales reps, we can help.

Harvest underserved market segments.
Too often, high-powered sales reps concentrate on key accounts and short-term deals, when there’s equal opportunity with other prospects. Let our professional conversationalists find the other promising leads and revenue opportunities hiding in your database.

Identify near-term projects and pipeline opportunities.
Nothing fuels effective campaigns like actionable market intelligence. A well-planned medtech or B2B lead generation call from Volkart May can assess the sales-readiness of your prospects and gather current information on purchase interest, budget, timing and more.

Nurture cooler leads.
Periodic follow-up calls are the perfect way to nudge your top-of-the-funnel sales prospects toward qualified, sales-ready opportunities. Outbound calling from Volkart May works as a stand-alone effort, or to complement your demand generation campaigns and email marketing programs.

Send qualified leads to distributors.
Support your full field network with an ongoing pipeline of qualified B2B or medtech leads. A Volkart May lead generation campaign can boost your brand awareness, launch new dealers and reward long-term partners. Our flexible business model can scale up or down to meet your needs.

Build the best possible lists

Every B2B and medtech lead generation campaign from Volkart May provides accurate data and valuable insights to power stellar marketing. Need more opt-in email addresses? Done. Decision-maker names and titles? Got it. Buying timelines, budgets, competitive intelligence? Check, check and check.

The engaging voice and skilled, listening ear of a Volkart May caller can deliver what 1s and 0s cannot, helping you develop rich B2B and medtech lists of top sales prospects and qualified leads to support your marketing and sales efforts.

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