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Scoring leads is our calling

Rank, sort and nurture more qualified leads for your medtech or B2B sales force

Show value at every touchpoint

When a B2B or medtech prospect contacts you, a fast response greatly increases your likelihood of a sale. But, qualifying inquiries and responding appropriately is often a slow and frustrating process. Incomplete information, high volumes and limited internal resources are common challenges. It’s one of the top friction points between marketing and sales teams.

Qualify your tradeshow, web and inbound leads

Separating valuable sales leads from the wasting-your-time variety is key to managing your internal resources and coordinating effective follow-up. Outsourcing to a professional contact center helps you drive value at every touchpoint in your sales process. It starts with qualified leads.

With Volkart May:

  • Potential customers receive timely follow-up.
  • Marketing develops a prioritized database for further lead nurturing.
  • Sales works the warmest opportunities and uses their time effectively.
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Improve your B2B and medtech sales prospecting

When you qualify inquiries with Volkart May, we help you to:

Score all leads objectively.
One-to-one conversation produces rich and actionable information to propel your sales process forward. Let us gather important medtech and B2B lead qualification data such as decision-maker names and titles, opt-in email addresses, purchase timing and budget.

Send qualified leads to your sales team.
End the in-fighting between marketing and sales with a steady pipeline of complete, accurate and sales-ready leads.

Use internal resources efficiently.
Tracking down busy prospects takes dedicated effort. Outsourcing to medtech and B2B lead generation specialists like Volkart May keeps the in-house team focused on strategic activities, while our contact center resources scale up or down as your volume demands.

Discover the real decision-makers.
Complicated medtech and B2B sales cycles usually involve multiple individuals. Let us identify the key players to set your sales team up for success.

Measure marketing campaign effectiveness.
Incomplete information and poor follow-up often distort the results from B2B and medtech marketing campaigns. Objective lead scoring and inquiry qualification by an outside firm provides accurate totals you’ll report with confidence.

Create more complete, sales-ready leads

At Volkart May, we have 30 years’ experience in medtech and B2B lead generation. We work with you to develop the customized criteria to qualify your inquiries. Then, we use outbound calling to obtain complete information from prospects and prioritize your inbound leads for further follow-up. It’s a proven process that strengthens your B2B and medtech sales prospecting and produces results.

Take advantage of our medtech and B2B inquiry qualification capabilities as a standalone service, or combine it with an outbound calling campaign to generate leads, set appointments, identify insights or grow relationships.

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