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Market knowledge to maximize your sales

Optimize your B2B and medtech marketing with firsthand voice of customer research

Harness the power of conversation

The more you know about your customers and prospects, the stronger your results. Capturing important B2B and medtech market insights is a huge value-add with every Volkart May outbound calling campaign. Whether we’re calling to generate leads, qualify inquiries, set appointments or grow relationships, we’re simultaneously collecting voice of customer information to propel your company forward.

Direct and actionable feedback

Digital surveys and online tools tell only part of the story. A one-to-one conversation with your healthcare or B2B customers and prospects reveals far more valuable information. Our callers know how to ask the right questions, probe for details and gather actionable intelligence that helps you hone your marketing and sales efforts.

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Tap into the Volkart May contact center to:

Profile your medtech and B2B prospects.
A handful of questions can empower sales and marketing with rich data. Let us ask about buying timelines, budgets, current systems and other critical details. We customize every outbound calling campaign to your unique audience and solution.

Gather industry intelligence.
Hear in their own words exactly what prospects and customers think of your company—and your competitors. Learn about trends, challenges, technology and other essentials.

Optimize your value proposition.
Use calling to quickly test and adapt your pitch with immediate feedback from your target audiences. Our agile process for B2B and medtech outbound calling yields ample results in a matter of hours.

Customize your approach for different market segments.
Need to work across various industries or customer types? No problem. Our contact center can tailor our conversations and help you understand the nuances that matter most to each audience.

Hearing is believing

Our state-of-the-art systems capture every conversation as a digital recording—one of the biggest benefits of medtech or B2B outbound calling. In addition to daily and weekly reports that summarize your campaign’s progress, you can listen to any of the conversations our callers have with your medtech and B2B audiences.

This powerful “in their own words” feedback is great for sharing with executives, marketing, sales, product management and other stakeholders.

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