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There’s nothing more valuable than a customer who feels valued

Account management, cross-sell and customer support services for B2B and medtech

Put current customers first

When it comes to growing customer relationships, there’s simply no substitute for personal connection. But too often, limited resources force marketing and sales to focus exclusively on new deals.

The result? Missed opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and customer retention with your existing B2B or medtech customers.

You sell, we support

Volkart May’s experienced medtech and B2B contact center team closes that gap. With your guidance, we connect with your valued customers to:

  • Introduce new products and services
  • Assist with online registration
  • Set appointments for account managers
  • Check in on product usage and customer satisfaction.

It’s a warm, human touchpoint that shows you care—and simultaneously improves your customer retention and ROI.

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A smarter way to grow relationships

For 30 years, our trained callers have helped B2B and medtech companies to:

Retain valuable customers.
It costs far more to win a new customer than to keep a current one satisfied. Proactive outbound calling from an experienced B2B and healthcare contact center can identify new revenue opportunities and diagnose potential issues quickly and cost-effectively.

Nurture relationships.
In today’s digital world, personal conversation stands out. Our skilled callers are adept at representing leading brands and operating as an extension of your inside sales team, B2B and medtech account management or customer service staff.

Announce new products and services.
Reaching busy B2B and medtech decision-makers takes diligence and repeated outreach. Our contact center can scale up to get the word out fast about your latest solutions.

Streamline enrollment.
Need to update customer information or obtain registration data? We can help. Our friendly callers can contact users and walk them through your process, or even collect necessary data during the call, freeing your staff for more in-depth activities.

Improve product usage.
A great experience generates customer raves, positive industry referrals and long-term customers. Targeted follow-up calls from an experienced B2B and healthcare contact center can help new users get comfortable quickly and improve satisfaction levels.

Take customer service a step further

Whether you have an immediate project need or an ongoing opportunity, we work collaboratively to help you grow your B2B and medtech customer relationships.

Our medtech and B2B call center can:

  • Live transfer calls from our team to yours.
  • Set appointments for detailed follow-up.
  • Share digital call recordings for education and training.

Start growing relationships

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