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Contact center services for medtech and B2B


We are medtech and healthcare lead gen specialists. Years of experience give us the expertise to deliver better results faster with healthcare and hospital contacts.


Navigating through business gatekeepers to qualify decision-makers is how we built our business, and how we’ll help build yours.


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Grow sales and your brand

We get your sales representative’s foot in the door. We speak healthcare and B2B fluently and are seasoned, responsible brand ambassadors. We work with you to convert your sales pitch into a conversation, enabling our dedicated outbound calling team to initiate natural, peer-to-peer conversations with B2B and medtech prospects. We use your caller ID so calls come from your company.

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Extend your team’s power

Your sales team’s valuable time is better spent making sales than finding them. We live to cold call. Our tenacious callers are experts at navigating through gatekeepers to connect with healthcare and B2B decision-makers. You’ll meet and know the team of specialists assigned to your outbound calling campaign. All calls are recorded so you can listen, learn and share with your own internal team at any time.

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Get the flexibility you need

The usual—and unexpected—rise and fall of B2B and medtech sales cycles can create in-house staffing challenges. We scale quickly to meet your surge demands. Reporting flexibility is also key to success. We deliver reports and data regularly in a format that works best for you, including integrating with your CRM. Choose only the services you need. Add or adjust on the fly.


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Generate leads

We cold call and deliver qualified leads for medtech and B2B so your sellers can sell.

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  • Build a comprehensive, accurate prospect list
  • Determine decision-makers’ titles, emails and phone numbers
  • Contact B2B or medtech prospects in a targeted database
  • Harvest underserved market segments
  • Identify near-term projects and pipeline opportunities
  • Nurture cold B2B or healthcare leads with periodic calls
  • Send leads to distributors as a co-op initiative
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Qualify inquiries

Sorting and prioritizing mountains of medtech and B2B leads is our calling.

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  • Qualify online, trade show, web and inbound marketing leads
  • Send qualified leads to your B2B or medtech sales team
  • Score all leads to use your internal resources efficiently
  • Discover the real decision-makers
  • Measure marketing campaign effectiveness
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Set appointments

Before you can make a sale, you need an appointment.

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  • Maximize the use of every sales rep’s time
  • Help establish new reps
  • Create a steady stream of new B2B or healthcare opportunities
  • Reach out to target accounts
  • Book appointments with decision-makers, directly on your reps’ calendars
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Identify insights

Understand your medtech and B2B customers, optimize your pitch, maximize your sales.

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  • Profile prospects to understand their needs
  • Benefit from a huge value add with any campaign
  • Know what prospects think about your company and competitors
  • Quickly test and adapt your value proposition and key messages
  • Customize messaging for market segment targets
  • Get more context than a digital survey
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Grow relationships

There’s nothing more valuable than a customer who feels valued.

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  • Save marketing dollars by retaining valuable medtech and B2B customers
  • Trust our brand ambassadors to nurture relationships
  • Follow up with customers regularly to improve retention or product usage
  • Walk customers through online registrations
  • Accept live transfers from our team to yours
  • Announce new products or services

“Your conversations are definitely revealing rich and actionable information!”

“This program raises the productivity of our inside sales managers.”

“Your callers are the voice of our brand and we are very pleased with their work.”

“Volkart May continues to help us. We went from having 1,500 email addresses to 10,000+ opt-in email addresses.”

“The results to date have been outstanding. We’re on track to achieve 30:1 ROI.”

Josh Fieldman, Vice President of Sales, Medicom Health Interactive


Lacking internal resources needed to hit sales goals, this medical leader put us to the test. A small project seven years ago has blossomed into more than 30,000 sales opportunities, 130 campaigns across multiple sales divisions, $1.2 million in revenue, calls in 4 languages and counting.

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