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B2B appointment setting services: 5 benefits for your company

Keep staff focused on closing with a full calendar of appointments

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing VPs take notice: Wouldn’t it be great to have a full pipeline of qualified leads who have appointments set for your best closers?

What if you had a full appointment calendar of qualified opportunities–and capacity registrations for your upcoming web demos, webinars, product education classes, or other sales activities?

Finally, what if you could integrate all your existing technology like appointment calendars, CRM, and other appointment setting software with your outsourced phone campaign staff?

With appointment setting services, your sales staff can focus on closing instead of lead generation. Contact us today and find out how we can help your team keep their sales funnels full.

How appointment setting services work

Appointment Planner Organization Management Remind ConceptIf you’ve been in sales leadership for any length of time, you are all too familiar with the amount of work that goes into generating sales leads.

To create reliable and growing revenue for your company, you need to maintain a robust pipeline of qualified leads.

Further, it’s a continual and work-intensive process to:

  • Find new customers
  • Research the decision-makers in those companies
  • Discover whether your products and services will effectively address your target’s challenges
  • Motivate your team to sort through piles of leads that may or may not readily convert to sales.
  • Move your target from cold call to engaged phone conversation, in-person consultation, web demos, or other steps in your company’s sales process.

When you hire an appointment setting team, you can hand off what many consider a time-consuming and high-stress task.

With outsourced appointment setting services, you can increase your sales closure rates while freeing up time for other essential initiatives. An excellent appointment setting service will do the following:

Qualify companies in your target audience

An outbound phone call dedicated to lead qualification rather than sales closure creates a different focus in the conversation. The goal is to drive engagement at this stage. There is no pressure to close, only to qualify and move to the next step in the sales process.

Your target companies get a call from a friendly, inquisitive problem-solver who will uncover their challenges and expose your audience to your next steps of engagement. The leads that result from these conversations are now asking for more from your company. They’re ready to hear about what you do and how you can help them in a consultation, web demo or in-person visit.

Integrate seamlessly with your company’s next steps

Once a lead is qualified and ready to “hand off,” the exchange should be an effortless transition to your in-house systems. There’s no need for spreadsheets, retyping data or delays in the process.

Whether you use an online calendar, registration software, CRM or ERP system, your appointment setting team should work tirelessly with you to ensure no lead is ever dropped after qualification. All the information you and your sales team need should import easily into your existing tools.

Uncover essential information through periodic human communication

During a real-time phone call, pivotal customer information such as incumbents, deadlines and current challenges come out. Outsourced appointment setting staff can ask continually relevant questions to keep your customer information fresh.

Sales lead “temperature” can change periodically from cold to hot and back again. Outsourced appointment setting teams help you prioritize your leads so sales staff maximize their time and effort.

Further, a quality appointment setting team will update your records with relevant notes, leadership changes, service or product challenges and triumphs, and recent engagement activity.

Assist your new sales reps in their initial sales pipeline ramp-up

Portrait of successful middle aged businesswoman standing at her office.

Building a customer base from scratch is a daunting challenge for new sales reps. An outsourced appointment setting service can help your “green” reps find their feet and feel successful immediately as they close more sales.

Sales staff turnover in any industry is the highest of all company departments. Providing your new sales recruits with a reliable appointment pipeline for them to close the sale breeds sales staff loyalty and longevity in your company.

Keep the lead faucet turned on–no pipeline droughts

If you’ve enjoyed a few months of robust sales, it can be easy to become complacent about your pipeline.

Many beginning sales reps find this out the hard way. They take time away from lead generation, or are busy maintaining their current customer relationships and lack time to develop new leads.

When you outsource your appointment setting, your sales pipeline never runs dry. Even in the natural churn, when existing customers stop purchasing for any reason, a fresh lead with a new appointment is just around the corner.

In sales, a full appointment pipeline often means the difference between a satisfied, successful engaged staff versus a stressed team with little cohesion, high turnover and a lower closure rate.

What about the investment?

Companies who outsource their appointment setting achieve several benefits for their investment. For the money you spend on lead generation, you can enjoy:

  • A reliable appointment funnel that can produce higher closure rates
  • A more engaged, loyal and successful sales team
  • A positive extension of your brand in human form, reaching out directly to members of your target audience
  • Time and space to focus on company initiatives, new products or services, staff training and development and growing your footprint in your market

How do I get started?

At Volkart May, we specialize in lead generation and appointment setting services for leading medtech and B2B companies.

Our experienced contact center team works professionally and collaboratively with you. Our systems integrate with your in-house software and protocols, so you never miss an appointment from a qualified lead.

We’re ready to partner with you to expand your reach and grow your sales revenue through superior appointment setting with a human touch.

Contact us today, and find out how superior appointment setting campaigns can help grow your business.


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