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Signs your sales team needs help with outsourced appointment setting

Review these common challenges

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Sales appointments are the lifeblood of any organization that sell in complex, multi-step sales cycles. These appointments essential in industries like B2B, medtech, manufacturing, financial services and technology where multiple company stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process, or where extensive contracts and customized design specs are involved.

The more time your high-powered field sales force and distributors spend taking these important sales meetings, directly impacts your growth opportunities. However, scheduling these meetings requires daily time and effort.

Senior sales development reps often get bogged down in managing their workload. There aren’t enough hours in the day for chasing the right decision-maker contacts, updating the CRM system and responding to endless emails—all simply to get the qualified appointment meetings on the calendar. Most sales & marketing professionals agree there are more valuable activities to prioritize for full-time staff to focus on.

Common scheduling appointments challenges

This is where a dedicated appointment-setting resource can provide immense value. These outsourced sales professionals can focus 100 percent of their attention on the day-to-day details that result in a steady stream of qualified and confirmed, sales-ready appointments for your B2B sales force.

Not sure your company needs this help? See if any of these issues sound familiar:

  • Consistently missing monthly sales opportunities and sales goals.
  • Potential clients take a long time to convert to qualified leads into customers.
  • The sales team works late-stage deals rather than make early-stage prospecting calls.
  • Unqualified sales lead appointments waste valuable time.
  • The internal team dislikes cold calling.
  • High no-show rates for scheduled appointments.
  • Difficulty managing internal resources when lead volumes fluctuate.
  • Budget constraints prohibit hiring additional staff to manage appointment setting.

If more than one of these challenges occur on a regular basis, then your organization could benefit from the support of professional lead generation and appointment-setting resources.

How outsourcing appointment-setting works

An outsourced appointment setting service maximizes your internal sales team’s time. Trained, professional callers focus on the prospects and warm leads in your market, and then book sales-qualified appointments directly on the calendars of your in-house experts.

One of the most frustrating aspects of do-it-yourself to schedule appointments can be the endless cycle of voicemails, text messages and missed calls. These often result when your internal team has to juggle a full slate of meetings, product demonstrations, proposals, contract negotiations and other duties along with prospecting.

Having an outsourced appointment setting resource gives your key players an extension of their team. Virtual tools and technology make it seamless to share information, communicate progress and even put appointments directly on digital calendars. Many outsourced appointment setter services can even send follow-up emails and reminders to limit no-shows.

We have three decades of appointment-setting experience

At Volkart May, our appointment-settings services help medtech and B2B companies identify the right decision-makers, evaluate their interest in your product or service and generate warm leads for immediate follow up. We’ve got 30 years of experience and know the ins and outs of working with decision-makers, gatekeepers (and everyone in between) to achieve measurable results.

We believe a sales rep time is far better spent making a sale than finding one. That’s why we do the sales process legwork to reach busy B2B or healthcare buyers. We’ll find the best time for an in-depth call, product demonstration or follow-up appointment and book it for you. It’s fast, simple and effective.

B2B appointment-setting is useful for companies large or small when you need to:

  • Establish new reps or territories
  • Maximize digital marketing and sales campaigns
  • Support account-based marketing initiatives
  • Keep your sales pipeline full with productive sales calls
  • Free your internal team for more strategic activities

When you’re ready to accomplish more with less in-house effort, outsourced appointment-setting is a great fit. It’s also the perfect complement to a calling campaign designed to generate leads, qualify inquiries, identify market insights or grow your customer relationships. Learn more about our services.

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