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Book these sales meetings with outsourced appointment-setting services

Set dedicated time on your target prospects’ calendars

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Selling during COVID-19 requires adjustments. The physical sales call is on the endangered species list and most business travel remains at a standstill. Likewise, the chance of casually running into potential customers at industry events, tradeshows or conferences has evaporated. And, most virtual networking has yet to evolve to support truly meaningful one-on-one conversations.

Those constraints make scheduled B2B sales appointments even more valuable. Nothing beats dedicated time with a sales prospect. One of the only ways to secure these critical opportunities during the pandemic is through scheduled appointment-setting.

Getting those times and dates pinned down, however, can be time-consuming and frustrating for the business development team. In many industries, including medtech and healthcare, reaching a busy decision-maker at their desk takes multiple calls and emails.

Appointment-setting services yield immediate value

Keeping your B2B or healthcare sales team motivated with a full slate of sales appointments requires consistent outreach to your market. But, many savvy sales organizations realize that it doesn’t need to be the in-house business development team or inside sales reps who do the legwork.

This is where lead generation appointment-setting services like Volkart May add tremendous value. Our professional callers act as an extension of your brand, freeing the sales team for more in-depth discussions.

The process is simple—and highly scalable. It’s easy to flex volumes up or down as your needs require, without the headaches of staffing, training or equipment.

  • You provide the target list
  • Together, we develop the right approach
  • Our callers book sales-ready appointments directly on your rep’s calendars

The result is an efficient, cost-effective process that leverages our professional conversationalists and 30 years of experience—and frees your sales team from administrative activities.

Book sales appointments across every stage in the sales cycle

Wondering when to schedule lead generation sales appointments? There are numerous opportunities at all stages of the sales cycle.

A lead generation appointment-setting service can help you book appointments like these directly on your target sales prospects’ calendars.

Five types of lead generation sales appointments

  1. Discovery conversation. Let your appointment-setting service nurture a cooler list. Callers qualify target companies, identify decision-makers and influencers to the sale, then schedule appointments with those individuals who are ready for an introductory conversation with your sales team.
  2. Product demonstration. Any company with a technical product can benefit from a demonstration of your capabilities. Even services companies can use this time to showcase case studies and past projects that prove your expertise in the market. An outsourced appointment-setting service is the perfect resource to book these high-priority meetings for you.
  3. Cross-sell opportunity. Virtual sales appointments are not just for sales prospects and potential customers. There’s revenue opportunity in your current customer base—sales that the in-house team often overlooks due to other priorities. A lead generation appointment-setting service can contact various customer segments and schedule calls where there’s cross-sell or upsell opportunity.
  4. Account wellness check-in. Customer satisfaction and retention are two more reasons to connect regularly with your existing customer base. You can use an outsourced appointment-setting service to set up these meetings—or even to survey your customers about important topics. These meetings are also a great opportunity to ask happy customers for testimonials and referral business.
  5. Training session. Training and education provides a final opportunity. New customers, in particular, find great benefit in training, but often, making them aware of your resources gets lost as the sales team passes the customer to the account management team. An outsourced appointment-setting service can provide another touchpoint, strengthening product adoption and setting your new customer relationships up for success.

Curious about the value of lead generation appointment-setting services for your B2B or healthcare company? Check out this case study which returned a 10:1 ROI for our client. Then, contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

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