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Let us book appointments directly on your reps’ calendars

Appointment-setting services for medtech and B2B companies

The end of phone tag

If you’re like most B2B and medtech companies, you want your high-powered sales reps focused on what they do best: closing sales. Email and digital marketing can generate demand, but booking sales-ready appointments takes the power of people.

Full calendars yield more sales

That’s where Volkart May comes in. For three decades, we’ve helped leading B2B and medtech brands fill their sales pipelines. We apply the power of human conversation with our skilled, professional callers.

Our B2B and medtech appointment setting services:

  • Identify the right decision-makers
  • Evaluate their interest in your product or service
  • Book appointments with the most qualified opportunities

Book meetings with prospects or customers

Medtech and B2B appointment-setting can add value with new prospects in a cold list, when nurturing cooler leads or even reaching out to existing customers with a new offer.

Take advantage of appointment-setting as a standalone service, or combine it with an outbound calling campaign to generate leads, qualify inquiries, identify insights or grow relationships.

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Our calls, your calendars

Volkart May appointment-setting services help B2B and medtech companies to:

Use every sales rep’s time wisely.
We believe your sales team’s time is far better spent making a sale than finding one. Let us do the legwork to reach busy B2B or healthcare buyers. We’ll find the best time for an in-depth call, product demonstration or follow-up appointment and book it for you.

Establish new reps or territories.
It takes time and effort to build a healthy sales pipeline. Outbound calling can accelerate sales in a new market space or for a new sales rep.

Maximize digital marketing campaigns.
Medtech and B2B appointment-setting services are a great complement to demand generation and email marketing. Follow-up calls create more touchpoints with prospects and yield a steady stream of new opportunities.

Support account-based marketing initiatives.
Calling takes your ABM campaign to the next level. Our professional team can make introductory calls and set appointments with targeted key accounts who are ready to learn more about your medtech or B2B company.

Seamless integration with your systems

We work with you to make the medtech and B2B appointment-setting process simple and efficient. In most cases, we can book digital appointments directly on the calendars of your healthcare buyers, B2B prospects and your sales reps.

We use email, branded to your business, to confirm schedules and reduce “no show” rates. Marketing and sales can even listen to digital call recordings to prepare for each appointment.

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