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End phone tag with healthcare appointment-setting services

How much time does your sales team spend scheduling appointments with healthcare or medtech decision-makers? With administrative and clinical staff spread thin at hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, it can be challenging (and time-consuming) to get a slot on…

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How healthcare appointment-setting services work

Medtech sales reps play a vital role for the organization: Meeting with healthcare decision-makers and hospital buying committees. Attending industry events. Keeping up on the latest product enhancements and regulatory requirements. Conducting product demonstrations. Drafting proposals and contracts. Most importantly,…

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Is it time to outsource appointment setting for your sales force?

Sales appointments are the lifeblood of any organization that sells with a complex, multi-step sales cycle. They’re essential in industries like B2B, medtech, manufacturing, financial services and technology where multiple company stakeholders usually participate in the final decision, or where…

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How to reduce sales appointment no-shows

There’s no doubt that it is more difficult right now to have productive sales conversations. With Covid-19 being top of mind, companies must be sensitive in their approach. Pushing your product too hard, rather than being authentic and helpful, can…

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