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Healthcare appointment-setting services: 3 benefits for medtech companies

Reach your target healthcare buyers with less time and effort

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

If you’ve spent even minimal time trying to reach potential buyers at healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, labs or pharmacies, you know how time-consuming it can be to contact senior decision-makers.

  • Few respond to “cold” emails
  • Digital advertising takes great repetition before it makes an impact
  • Face-to-face options for networking remain limited

Outbound calling is one of the best techniques to reach healthcare audiences. Your business development team can identify interested prospects, generate qualified leads and book sales-ready appointments with healthcare decision-makers—all through a targeted healthcare sales call.

Three reasons to outsource healthcare appointment-setting

Should your medtech company tackle lead generation and appointment-setting with the in-house team—or outsource to an inside sales services company? It’s a common question.

As your sales team looks at your budget, internal resources and upcoming sales goals, outsourcing appointment-setting can be a great way to achieve your objectives without having to hire, train and manage a separate business development team, or burden your most important sales “closers” with top-of-the-funnel demand generation activities.

Who makes the best outbound calling partner? Look for reliable outsourced healthcare appointment-setting services that speak healthcare fluently and have a proven track-record of success reaching pharmacies, labs, clinics, hospitals and other players in the healthcare ecosystem.

Here are three important benefits you realize through outsourcing:

1. Improve your medtech sales team’s productivity

With busy schedules and important duties, your medtech sales team’s time is better spent closing a sale that finding that sale. Outsourcing healthcare lead generation, sales prospecting and appointment-setting frees your internal team for more strategic activities, without sacrificing important outreach in the market.

Let your lead generation partner do the outbound calling, make contact with healthcare buyers, ask important qualifying questions, then hand off sales-ready appointments for conversations with your medtech sales team. It’s a productive use of everyone’s skills and resources.

2. Keep your healthcare sales pipeline filled

Unless you make sales prospecting calls consistently, your healthcare sales pipeline can suffer a drought of opportunities. Applying ongoing, dedicated resources to lead generation and appointment-setting ensures this won’t happen in your medtech organization.

Outsourcing your healthcare appointment-setting keeps you in control.

  • Need more healthcare opportunities in the sales funnel? Simply increase your call velocity with your call center.
  • Want to boost webinar or event attendance? Have your outsourced appointment-setting service make calls and register more healthcare prospects and customers.
  • Expanding into a new medtech territory or market? Introduce your sales team and your services through appointment-setting activities.

The options are nearly endless, and can be customized to your medtech company’s needs.

3. Eliminate the burdens of staffing and infrastructure

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation and many other factors make this a challenging time to hire and staff a business development team. By outsourcing your healthcare appointment-setting, you skip those issues entirely. All it takes is a phone call to your outsourced partner and you’re ready to meet the lead generation and appointment-setting demands of your business. There’s no need to place want ads, screen candidates, invest in tools and technology or worry about keeping your team motivated and engaged.

Try a pilot program at your medtech company

Curious about the value of lead generation appointment-setting services for your medtech company? A pilot program is the perfect way to assess fit and opportunity. Start with a special project, a single sales territory or a specific market segment. With outsourced appointment-setting, it takes only a few weeks to see immediate results.

Check out this healthcare case study which returned a 10:1 ROI for our client. Then, contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

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