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Volkart May celebrates 30 years

Remember 1990? Personal computers were making their debut. Faxing was the height of modern communication. Cellphones, email and websites were but a glint in a developer’s eye. The telephone was the epicenter of the sales process. Three decades of conversations…

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Three reasons to ditch your sales script

Relationships. They’re at the heart of nearly all successful B2B and medtech sales. Whether you’re selling cloud software, medical devices, financial services or custom manufacturing equipment, the sales process typically requires several weeks of discussions. These touchpoints help generate awareness,…

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An outbound calling choose-your-own-adventure

One of the biggest obstacles to sale for B2B and medtech companies is aversion to change. Even if the current method lacks stellar results, there’s a perception that keeping the status quo will be better than trying something new. We…

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The power of human connection in sales

There are plenty of ways to communicate with leads and prospects during the sales process, and while communication channels such as email certainly play a role, it’s still important to incorporate live conversations and maintain human connection. This is more…

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Outbound calling as a sales lab

The goal of an outbound calling campaign isn’t always to generate a lead immediately. For B2B and medtech companies, outbound calling can serve many purposes at once, from qualifying an inquiry and updating contact information, to building relationships and setting…

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How to tap emotional triggers to get the sale

Your pipeline is filled with quality leads. Now, it’s time for your sales team to take over and focus on what they do best—transform these leads into paying customers. While every member of your sales team may have a different…

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