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3 Ways to generate more medtech sales appointments

Convert more healthcare sales prospects to qualified leads with these outbound calling techniques

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

Generating qualified leads in the medical technology industry takes expertise—and effort. Whether you’re representing a proven surgical device, a groundbreaking wearable technology or an innovative diagnostic tool, there’s definite legwork required to reach busy decision-makers at healthcare facilities.

Most medtech sales also involve a lengthy sales cycle and multiple rounds of meetings and review. Moving from awareness to closed deals can be a complicated process that stretches across months, or even years.

Startups and established medtech companies face similar challenges

Startups and established medtech companies all face similar challenges when it comes to using the talents of your sales team wisely. It’s all about getting face-time with potential buyers at hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies and other medical facilities.

Typical medtech lead generation challenges include:

  • Constant prospect churn that creates a perpetual need to update healthcare databases.
  • Long sales cycles that make contact continuity and relationship-building difficult.
  • Cold calling is a grinding, time-consuming task most salespeople abhor.
  • Qualifying and ranking leads for follow-up is part art, part science, and far from easy.

If you’re the VP of sales or marketing who’s responsible for the sales pipeline, how do you keep up sustained lead generation when faced with limited resources and a complicated marketplace? You know that meeting your organization’s sales and revenue goals means staying active in the marketplace. But, that top-of-the-funnel activity can be difficult to sustain.

Use dedicated sales prospecting resources to reach your goals

At Volkart May, we operate as an extension of your medtech sales team. Our dedicated teams of professional outbound callers make sure you’re always connecting with potential new customers.

An outsourced lead generation team can:

  • Keep your healthcare prospect lists clean and up-to-date.
  • Gather background information and qualifying data on potential buyers.
  • Engage interested medical decision-makers and make them aware of your solution.
  • Do the groundwork that keeps your medtech product or service top-of-mind in the market.

Most importantly, healthcare lead generation call centers like Volkart May are experts at converting sales prospects from names on a list to qualified leads and sales-ready appointments, handing them off to your high-powered medtech sales team for follow-up and closing.

Create momentum with ongoing outreach to healthcare decision-makers

Every day, our trained healthcare business development reps speak with specialized decision-makers at clinics, labs, hospitals and other medical facilities. Our unique approach puts the power of human conversation at the center of the sales process. We listen, we empathize and we ask smart questions.

We’ve learned that the right outreach can create significant momentum—and measurable results—in your medtech lead generation process.

Three tips to get more medtech sales appointments

Here are three ways to ensure your outbound calling generates more sales-ready medtech appointments.

1. Make enough call attempts

When you’re responsible for all aspects of the sales process—from qualifying potential buyers and nurturing cooler leads, to conducting product demonstrations and negotiating contracts—it can be difficult to give cold calling and sales prospecting the consistent effort it deserves. Studies show that even the best sales reps routinely give up after just 2-3 call attempts, when six or more are usually required to reach a busy healthcare decision-maker.

Working with dedicated lead generation resources—or outsourcing your business development calling to a partner like Volkart May—ensures appropriate focus on your target audience.

2. Target the right healthcare decision-makers

Another best practice for garnering more sales-ready medtech appointments is to aim your initial calls at the right level of the organization. When was the last time a busy physician, for example, had time to take a sales call? But, others on his or her team can help you gain access, learn about the organization and generate a sales appointment.

As our years of experience at healthcare calling shows, there’s much to be gained from working multiple connections as part of your medtech sales and appointment-setting process.

3. Avoid scripted calls

Our third tip is all about tapping into the power of people. At Volkart May, we believe there’s nothing more engaging than a one-to-one conversation. It’s exactly the opposite of what most people think of when they hear “sales call.” Instead of robotic, overly scripted interactions, we break through with authentic and productive outbound calls that establish rapport, uncover real challenges and build the trusted brand relationships that lead to lasting sales.

Download our medtech lead generation guide

Ready for even more tips on reaching medtech and healthcare decision-makers? Download our free guide, 3 Keys to boost medtech sales leads.

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