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End phone tag with healthcare appointment-setting services

Book sales-ready appointments with qualified medtech buyers

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

How much time does your sales team spend scheduling appointments with healthcare or medtech decision-makers? With administrative and clinical staff spread thin at hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, it can be challenging (and time-consuming) to get a slot on their busy calendars.

The simple back-and-forth of emails, phone calls, date/time options and calendar invites can take up a substantial amount of your healthcare sales team’s valuable time. Instead of building relationships and closing deals, your high-powered sales team gets trapped in an endless loop of administrative tasks.

Add dedicated appointment-setting resources to your healthcare sales team

Using an outsourced appointment-setting service like Volkart May can accelerate your medtech sales pipeline and help your internal sales team make headway on critical activities, such as demonstrating your product, negotiating contracts and most importantly, closing deals.

The benefits can be substantial:

  • A full appointment calendar of qualified healthcare opportunities for each medtech sales rep to work.
  • Capacity registrations for your upcoming web demos, product seminars, events and other sales activities.
  • Complete contact details and background information on important healthcare buyers and decision-makers.
  • More time for your internal sales team to spend selling rather than chasing down meeting dates/times.

Work with professional healthcare lead generation resources

An outsourced appointment-setting service saves time and increases results. These knowledgeable and professional callers understand healthcare. They can apply 100 percent of their efforts to identifying the right decision-makers for your product or service, evaluating their interest in your solution, then coordinating a meeting for your internal sales reps.

Unlike email or digital campaigns, the power of outsourced sales appointment-setting comes from human conversation. During a real-time phone call, your appointment-setting team ask key questions and obtain pivotal information, such as current challenges, budgets and incumbent systems in place. This maximizes your sales team’s time during the actual meeting. It helps you prioritize medtech leads and opportunities to improve conversion rates and ROI.

Sales appointment-setting with potential buyers at medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies adds value in a number of ways.

Book these healthcare and medtech appointments for your sales team

Healthcare appointment-setting can work as a standalone service, or you can combine it with an outbound calling campaign to generate leads.

Opportunities with healthcare appointment-setting campaigns include:

  • Establishing new medtech reps or healthcare sales territories
  • Maximizing digital marketing campaigns
  • Supporting account-based marketing initiatives
  • Keeping your medtech sales pipeline full
  • Freeing your internal team for more strategic activities

Best of all, you can book meetings with new prospects in a cold list, or use outbound calling services to follow up and nurture cooler leads. You can even contact existing customers to book demos for new features, discuss upcoming contract expiration dates or simply check in on account satisfaction and future opportunities for growth. The possibilities with appointment-setting services are as unique as your medtech organization.

Choose a healthcare appointment-setting service that works collaboratively

The right outsourced appointment-setting partner will take time to understand your market, your product and your goals, then work collaboratively to develop the right approach. You’ll coordinate with a dedicated project manager and receive regular updates on progress.

Meeting your outbound calling team is a must. These trained and professional callers, after all, operate as an extension of your brand. Being able to listen to their calls, participate in training and share knowledge with them creates rapport, expertise and confidence.

Finally, look for an outsourced appointment-setting service that can integrate with your technology for smooth hand-offs. Ask how upcoming appointments will appear on the internal sales team’s calendars, and make sure the valuable information captured during a healthcare appointment-setting call transfers to your CRM or sales database.

Even new campaigns generate 10:1 ROI or greater

At Volkart May, we’ve conducted lead generation and appointment-setting campaigns for more than 30 years. Check out our results in these healthcare and medtech case studies, then contact us to learn more about our services.

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