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Use conversation (not clicks) to advance the sales cycle

Outbound calling builds trust and connection with potential buyers

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Look up “conversational marketing” and you may be in for a surprise. It’s not really about actual human conversations!

Instead, it’s the practice of using artificial intelligence, chatbots and automation to engage potential customers in an online dialogue. It’s commonly found on websites, apps and online properties.

The role of AI in lead generation

Using machines to engage people certainly has its place in the lead generation and business development process. But, if you’re trying to build lasting relationships with healthcare or B2B decision-makers, actual one-to-one human conversations will be far more impactful.

Digital interactions have their limits and can feel scripted. Many emails, even those that appear personalized, can end up as one-sided pitches. “No reply” addresses hamper responses and even those that reach a human have delays between interactions.

On the other hand, speaking with a knowledgeable and attentive representative of your company can make an immediate and positive impact. Especially in healthcare and medtech sales, these human conversations bring meaning and value to the sales process.

Outbound calling is one of the best ways to create strong and lasting relationships with your target audience. Digital marketing tools and automation techniques—from email campaigns to chatbots—can’t replace the power of approachable, helpful sales professionals.

Using these two techniques together is the best way to amplify your reach and maximize your results.

Active listening fuels effective sales conversations

What makes a great sales conversationalist? At Volkart May, we look for professional callers who are curious, outgoing and energetic. We value diversity and appreciate individuals who take an authentic (rather than scripted) approach. Lastly, we look for great listeners.

Excellent listening skills are a core part of strong conversations. After all, who likes a conversation where one person does all of the talking? No one wants to feel ignored or “pitched.”

Great listening skills build trust and rapport. These elements are critical to establishing the kind of relationships that convert to closed sales, lasting business and loyal customers.

Try outsourcing lead generation to sales conversationalists

Besides good conversation skills, reaching your target audience requires ongoing effort. Making time for meaningful conversations can be a challenge, even for the most effective sales teams. There are always busy schedules, competing priorities and “hot” deals that need attention. Often, the important work of calling on newer prospects or touching base with cooler leads gets overlooked.

That’s where outsourcing your lead generation or business development calls can help. A professional call center like Volkart May adds capacity. Our callers operate as “ambassadors” for your brand, acting as an extension of your internal team.

We can reach your target decision makers to:

  • Identify sales-ready prospects
  • Gather information that moves the sale forward
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Book appointments on sales reps’ calendars

Instead of asking your potential customer to “self-serve” information through digital channels, an outsourced business development team can engage, listen, answer questions and tailor information that solves the most pressing challenges of your sales prospects.

Healthcare prospects buy from companies they trust

In medtech and healthcare sales, trust, reliability and relationships play a big role in the purchasing process. Decision-makers, users, and other stakeholders on the buying committee want to know they’re buying from an organization that shares their values—and values their business.

Robotic and scripted communications won’t cut it with savvy healthcare buyers. No one wants to feel like a transaction rather than a person. Instead, opt for a transparent, honest approach when contacting prospects, generating leads and working with qualified opportunities at hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies and other medical facilities. The results can be transformative.

The emotion your business development team brings to sales calls is just as critical as the words they use to describe your products and services. Healthcare audiences value compassion, empathy and integrity. These genuine feelings are difficult for AI chatbots and digital tools to identify or convey—but first on the agenda during a positive and impactful healthcare sales call from a human.

Knowing and understanding the culture of your target buyer is vital. When you “speak their language” you help advance the relationship and the eventual sale.

Put the power of people into your sales process

At Volkart May, we can help you develop winning lead generation strategies, gather relevant information, and build trusting relationships with potential customers. Contact us today.

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