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Building relationships that build sales

Strong relationships breed customer loyalty

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Many businesses don’t stay afloat for long after being launched, while others take off and thrive. One tip for a thriving business is to build strong relationships with your customer base. Why is the loyalty that results from building relationships so important?

Food business news reports that 73% of buyers purchase due to trust. Almost half would switch to a more transparent brand. Volkart May can help to generate leads for your business and create the first crucial relationship with them. Call us today to find out how we bring leads to your door.

Transparency builds customer confidence

To appear transparent to your customers, it’s important to master the techniques of creating new relationships, adding value to those relationships, and maintaining them. Then, you’ll have your customers’ trust.

When you gain customer confidence, you have their loyalty. Building rapport with professionals, executives and healthcare decision-makers is paramount to the way we do business at Volkart May.

Below we will outline the basics of loyalty-building: what we do for all our customers. The leads we generate will help you develop a following of loyal customers. Further, a thriving and engaged customer following leads to increased sales overall.

Excellent listening breeds trust and sales

Middle aged businesswoman manager mentor speaking to businessman client teaching intern or convincing customer at business office meeting sit at table.When’s the last time you checked out your listening skills? Are you listening well to your customers’ needs, problems, and desires? There are three levels of listening, and you can use all three to help your potential customers move deeper into loyalty with you.

Here’s what we mean:
Level 1 listening: You hear what others are saying, but only think about your response. This type of listening embodies the salesperson who only wants to talk, without caring about what the customer communicated a few moments earlier.

Level 2 listening: This level happens when you are entirely focused on the customer and solving their problems. You let them talk extensively about their challenges and triumphs.

You compartmentalize your responses into a smaller container allowing your customer to educate you about themselves. You offer encouraging and empathetic phrases like “tell me more about that” and “that must have felt terrible.”

Level 3 listing: Commonly called “global listening,” this technique involves tuning into more than just words. You can sense emotion, struggle, and engagement.

Tuning into your intuition while remaining focused on the customer helps you move ahead with an impactful call to action or sales “ask.” You can also decide if the discussion is a “dead end” lead with your global listening skills.

Our professional callers at Volkart May are experts at listening to the needs of your target buyers and qualifying them as warm or hot leads who are ready to purchase. The B2B leads we generate are ready for immediate sales follow-up.

B2B relationships built on function and reliability

Why do businesses make purchases? For most, it’s because of need, deliverability, and value. In B2B sales, your customers purchase from you because they need your product or service, its capabilities, at a price that fits their budget.

If you’re a new vendor, perhaps you’re offering them a “can’t pass it up” value, or something so cutting-edge and innovative they want to test your product or service. Then, it’s up to you to prove your customer made the right choice.

At Volkart May, we are experts at communicating the value of your unique products and services. The leads we generate open the door for your company to shine with product functionality and your continued relationship-building.

Avoid robotic communications

Smiling young African American businesswoman talking on a telephone while working with a colleague at an office reception deskOne of the many things we pride ourselves on at Volkart May is the power of people, especially for establishing connections, building relationships, and generating leads. Too often, companies inundate B2B buyers with robocalls, mass emails and other “robotic” techniques.

At Volkart May, we get that there are actual people on the other end of the line. We treat each phone call as a conversation, not a transaction. Are you doing this with your target customer base? The results can be transformative.

According to a Microsoft report, 59% of customers in 2018 expect customer service to be top-notch. Your target customers want you to listen to their problems and solve them. It’s important to remember that there is always a person–a human being–who says yes or no to the sale.

That’s why it’s essential to inject feeling and compassion into the sales conversation, along with function and service.

A human sales approach gets you noticed

Top businesses thrive because they make good customer relationships a key strategy. More and more, the prevailing wisdom points to using specific vocabulary to target a precise section of your market.

Finding the precise words your target companies use in their culture and customer-facing image gives you a leg up in your sales conversations. When you spend time discovering this brand-specific vernacular, you can more effectively “speak their language.”

When your customers feel “heard and seen” by you and your unique understanding of their words and phrases, they are more likely to respond favorably to your sales ask.

At Volkart May, we can help you develop powerful lead generation strategies, gather relevant information, and manage your current customers by providing top-notch prospecting, lead generation and inside sales capabilities. Contact us today.

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