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Supply chain issues and your sales pipeline

Need a computer chip? Good luck finding one right now—or any appliance, automobile or product that requires these tiny mechanical brains. Manufacturing slowdowns, shipping delays and other unexpected issues related to COVID-19 are wreaking havoc across businesses and industries. The…

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Why lead nurturing matters in B2B sales

There’s a lot that B2B marketing and sales leaders can learn from gardeners, especially when it comes to lead nurturing. Anyone who’s tried to grow flowers or vegetables—even a houseplant—knows it’s not a “one and done” exercise. Reaping a bountiful…

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Why appointment-setting campaigns fail

It’s every marketing and sales team’s dream: A calendar full of qualified, sales-ready appointments—no cold calling required. All you need to do is show up and close the sale. If only it were that easy! Sales appointment-setting takes time, talent…

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Three reasons to ditch your sales script

Relationships. They’re at the heart of nearly all successful B2B and medtech sales. Whether you’re selling cloud software, medical devices, financial services or custom manufacturing equipment, the sales process typically requires several weeks of discussions. These touchpoints help generate awareness,…

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How to tap emotional triggers to get the sale

Your pipeline is filled with quality leads. Now, it’s time for your sales team to take over and focus on what they do best—transform these leads into paying customers. While every member of your sales team may have a different…

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How to retain valuable call center employees

Call center employees and inside sales staff play a vital role within a B2B or medtech organization. They’re on the “front lines,” speaking to customers and prospects every day. While their job is to provide customers, prospects, and leads with…

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Building relationships that build sales

Many businesses don’t stay afloat for long after being launched, while others take off and thrive. One tip for a thriving business is to build strong relationships with your customer base. Why is the loyalty that results from building relationships…

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