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Supply chain issues and your sales pipeline

Don’t wait for a crisis to give your sales funnel the attention it deserves

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

Need a computer chip? Good luck finding one right now—or any appliance, automobile or product that requires these tiny mechanical brains. Manufacturing slowdowns, shipping delays and other unexpected issues related to COVID-19 are wreaking havoc across businesses and industries. The ripple effect is profound.

The current supply chain disruptions and pandemic-induced shortages carry a valuable reminder. Any pipeline can stall—or dry up completely—if not managed properly.

For medtech and B2B marketers, it’s another reason to give careful attention to your sales pipeline. Lead nurturing is a critical part of that effort.

Protect your sales pipeline with ongoing outreach

Lead nurturing is just like it sounds. It’s the ongoing process of growing relationships with qualified prospects until they convert to closed sales.

In the supply chain metaphor, leads are your raw materials; closed sales represent the end product. Lead nurturing carefully manages these valuable assets so they advance as easily and quickly as possible through your sales pipeline.

Lead nurturing is essential in B2B sectors like medtech, manufacturing and technology, where complex and lengthy sales cycles can extend for months or even years. Without it, B2B and medtech companies risk missing sales and revenue targets, overspending on lead generation and creating reputation issues in the market.

Lead nurturing produces tangible benefits

Lead nurturing requires patience and consistency. But, the results can be significant (and measurable).

The more you take time to nurture and grow every qualified lead, the stronger and more predictable your overall sales become.

Benefits of lead nurturing

  • Use the sales team’s time wisely
  • Create strong relationships
  • Build trust and thought leadership
  • Boost your brand awareness in the market
  • Shorten your overall sales cycle
  • Reduce your risk of missing sales and revenue goals

Add the power of human conversation when nurturing leads

Marketing automation systems are a popular way to nurture leads. These systems work by delivering targeted digital content at an appropriate cadence. They also facilitate personalized and industry-specific communications.

However, staying in touch should be more than a steady stream of drip emails!

Outbound calling is another essential for lead nurturing success. Proactive calls from your sales team (or a professional inside sales group like Volkart May) create a far stronger touchpoint with potential customers compared to completely digital engagements.

Lead nurturing sales calls help you:

  • Build rapport with prospects
  • Gather intelligence on budgets and buying cycles
  • Address key questions
  • Overcome obstacles to sales
  • Keep cooler leads active while they advance through the sales funnel

It’s particularly important to monitor and connect with newer leads. After all, first impressions matter. Starting off with the right approach will streamline lead nurturing for the rest of the buyer’s journey.

Outsource your lead nurturing calls

If you’re ready to revamp how you handle your sales pipeline—or simply test a new approach—consider outsourcing your lead nurturing activities to a professional inside sales team like Volkart May. With 30 years’ experience representing leading brands around the country, our professional callers know how to engage decision-makers at all levels with smart, peer-to-peer conversations.

Outsourcing your lead nurturing to a professional call center gives you more bandwidth and experienced resources. It ensures lead follow-ups happen on schedule, to protect your valuable sales pipeline. And, it frees your in-house team for what they do best: closing sales.

Don’t risk your revenue with a shoddy sales pipeline. Contact us to discuss a custom lead nurturing campaign for your medtech or B2B business.

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