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Outsourced inside sales solutions can provide relief for sales challenges

If you lead a sales team of any size, you’ve likely got some heavy pressure to perform well and grow your company’s revenue.

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Let’s face it, even if your company offers the world’s best products and services; it’s on you and your internal sales teams to do all of this:

  • Tell the story of your products, services and company
  • Generate and qualify sales leads
  • Schedule sales appointments and make sales calls
  • Achieve sales quota, shorten sales cycles and close sales with customers
  • Stay relevant to your customers and constantly improve the customer experience
  • Upsell and cross-sell your loyal customers
  • Wash, rinse and repeat the entire process ad-infinitum.

Further, if you’re having a flat or declining sales year (they do happen sometimes), your job as a Sales or Marketing VP just got more stressful.

What if you had a partner in lead generation with an expertly created inside sales phone campaign strategy that worked consistently to deliver qualified leads that boost your sales funnel and convert to sales? Volkart May is that partner.

Contact us today. Find out how outsourcing your inside sales can help you make and exceed your sales strategy and projections, save money and time and enhance your scale and scope as a medtech or B2B company.

Outsource your sales team challenges to a specialist.

Sales team executives in companies from mid-sized to Fortune 500 report a surprising consistency in their top problems.If you lead a sales or marketing team at a medtech or B2B corporation, you probably have the following issues that plague your team from year to year:

  • Recruiting experienced, productive and enthusiastic sales professionals
  • Creating a thriving and supportive sales culture
  • Offering the perfect compensation mix to motivate your staff to meet sales revenue goals
  • Getting the right number of highly qualified leads
  • Prospecting new customers
  • Forecasting the strength and volume of your sales pipeline

Inside sales done correctly can take many of these challenges off your plate as a Sales or Marketing VP. Here’s how we do this at Volkart May.

Strengthen your results by outsourcing your inside sales

Using Volkart May as your inside sales partner allows you room for several other sales activities. You can breathe deeply, gain time to focus your internal sales development and sales goals and do what you and your team do best–like closing the sale and creating further success for your company.

Our strengths at Volkart May happen to coincide with many of the “pain points” that top sales team leaders face.

The core qualities of an excellent inside sales partner are the following:

  • A proven sales force recruitment process and extensive sales training in prospecting, cold calling and lead generation.
  • A collaborative and transparent relationship that builds deep familiarity with your company, products, services, brand and voice.
  • Weekly reporting and continual “tweaking” to your campaign to ensure that the lead-qualification process continually meets your goals.
  • A seamless hand-off from our call center to your sales reps and in-house systems, including booking qualified appointments on your sales reps’ calendars and uploading leads to your sales database, CRM or other customer acquisition system.

Working together with an experienced outsourced inside sales resource, your valued audiences feel continually taken care of throughout the sales process, from the initial conversation on our end to the closing steps on your end.

Outsourced inside B2B sales can save you money and time

At Volkart May, we are experts at creating a supportive, engaging, educational culture for our contact center staff. Our people are natural conversationalists, rigorously trained, and have a balanced workload; many of our medical device and B2B sales callers have worked for us for years.

Many companies waste dollars and time trying to hire, train and retain qualified sales talent. If you’ve ascended to the role of Sales or Marketing VP, you know that successful selling takes a precise personality mix and constitution.

Recruiting and training new sales staff is an intense process that requires significant effort upfront. There’s a big risk that after a few weeks of cold calling and prospecting, your newly hired salesperson will throw their hands up and say “Sorry, this just isn’t for me.”

Many new sales recruits view sales jobs with rose-colored glasses at first. They quickly learn that a job in sales is an exceptionally specialized profession. It requires careful thought, superior training, cultivated strategy and years of practice.

That’s why the turnover rate among sales staff in all sectors is high. 

Look for an engaged, experienced sales force in your inside sales partner

Handsome male customer service agent working in call center office as a sales development specialist

Because we excel at creating a positive, expertly trained, retention-based staff culture, you can worry less about turnover and training in your business. With Volkart May at your side as an inside sales collaborator, you can focus on the closing process.

When we do our part, your part is all about closing the sale. You can focus on other development and marketing initiatives that drive your scale and expand your organization’s industry footprint.

Keep the human touch in your inside sales

Another benefit of outsourcing your inside sales with Volkart May is a distinctly human touch in your sales process.

Our business development professionals become intimately familiar with your company before we make a single prospecting call for you. It’s paramount for us to know your brand, your products, your services and your sales objectives.

We are experts at connecting to and engaging with the decision-makers that medtech and B2B corporations need to reach.

And, we integrate our human interactions with your company’s digital marketing efforts and in-house systems, so qualified leads are never dropped in the sales process.

We relate to your prospects on a human level and are genuinely out to help them solve their problems with the products and services you carry. Our phone campaigns deliver real leads that convert with ease.

Reliable outsourced inside sales results

Volkart May has your company’s success at heart in the way we work together as your inside sales outsourcing partner. Our success rests on our proven processes with demand generation metrics to help you with revenue generation.

Our results speak for themselves, but we’d like to invite you to talk to us in real life.

Contact us today to start investing your sales and marketing budget where it can pay you back in real-time benefits. Our satisfied clients save on sales staff turnover and enjoy dependable leads that reliably convert to sales and revenue.

We know, as a sales leader, nothing is more important to you than building a successful sales team, achieving your sales performance goals, and growing your potential customers. Implementing sales outsourcing services with us is worth the investment you make. Your customers are waiting!

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