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Generate more qualified leads with outbound calling

Meet your sales goals with targeted business development calls

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Outbound calling is a proven way to generate qualified leads. Whether you make these sales prospecting calls internally, or rely on a professional lead generation contact center like Volkart May, you can count on outbound calling to make a noticeable difference in your sales pipeline and ultimately, your revenue.

Here are a few ways that sales prospecting calls can help B2B and medtech companies maximize their lead generation results.

Reach more customers

No matter how extensive your audience list, there are likely qualified prospects who are difficult to reach through digital channels alone. Calling creates more touchpoints to maximize your reach. Even leaving an inside sales voicemail can keep your brand top-of-mind with potential buyers.

Know who’s ready to buy

Inside sales conversations give you the chance for a true exchange of ideas. You can ask pertinent questions to medtech and B2B decision-makers, and listen to their needs and challenges. These discovery conversations make it fast and easy to prioritize near-term projects and later pipeline opportunities, then focus your resources where you can get the most conversions and sales.

Establish trust and credibility

A helpful, knowledgeable company representative can make a great first impression for your brand in the market. Outbound calling for lead generation gives you this opportunity. Well-trained callers can listen, empathize and share details that help you move prospects through the sales process.

Build a great list

Current, accurate data on your target market helps the sales and marketing teams operate efficiently. Outbound lead generation calls can gather all types of data to support your sales process—often, without needing to speak directly with a decision-maker. Most calling campaigns combine a data update or market research component with lead generation, all during a single call.

Stand out in the market

B2B and healthcare decision-makers receive hundreds of email solicitations for every one time their phone rings with an actual call. Taking a different approach—one powered by human conversation—gives your brand the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Trained callers know how to navigate past gatekeepers and conduct conversations that convert. Instead of relegating your message to the Spam folder or the circular file, outbound calling can help you make your mark.

Still skeptical? See our customer reviews

Too often, B2B and medtech companies confuse outbound calling with “telemarketing” or “robocalling.” Volkart May specializes in inside sales solutions and outsourced lead generation that’s customer, conversational and always professional.

Our team of friendly callers operate just like an extension of your internal team, representing your brand with honesty, integrity and expertise. There’s never an interaction with a machine or a one-sided, script-reading pitch.

Check out what our satisfied customers say in our recent case studies and testimonials, then contact us to learn more about our process and results.

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