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Want a callback? Follow these sales voicemail tips

Use concise, personalized messages to support your B2B sales efforts

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Business development representatives (BDRs) use outbound calling almost daily. It’s a vital tool in the B2B sales prospecting process. But, no matter now effective your sales team is at cold calling and lead nurturing, there will always be times when it’s difficult to reach your target B2B decision-maker.

In those instances, is there value in leaving a voicemail message?

We believe the answer is “yes.”

Telephone-based sales prospecting powers two-way communication

The rationale behind voicemail messages goes back to the true power of a business development call. It’s all about the human touch. Effective business development calls have a personal approach that only a person-to-person conversation can deliver. Unlike one-way interactions, such as digital communications or telemarketing robocalls, professional business development representatives make two-way communication possible. Both sides can talk; both sides can listen and learn.

In these types of business development settings, a well-crafted and concise inside sales voicemail makes sense. Leaving your B2B decision-maker a personalized message can support your ultimate goal of connecting with your target audience to generate leads, qualify inquiries and nurture sales opportunities.

Professional lead generation call centers like Volkart May employ inside sales voicemails regularly. It’s one of many sales prospecting techniques that result in robust engagements with targeted B2B and medtech buyers.

Stay on message—but avoid reading a script

Too often, business development teams or outsourced call centers get a bad rap for being “script-readers.” We recommend avoiding this approach. Instead, use business development call guides and ample sales training. This method ensures your entire sales prospecting team uses a consistent approach, but still allows them to keep interactions personal and engaging. In short, your important human team can inject their own personality and style; no one will feel they are speaking with a robot.

The same best practices apply when crafting an inside sales voicemail message. Stay on message, but avoid reading a script.

Earn more callbacks with these sales voicemail tips

Here are five inside sales voicemail tips that will increase your chances of earning a callback and advancing a B2B decision-maker through your sales pipeline.

1. Be concise

From hospital administrators to finance executives at manufacturing plants, B2B decision-makers are busy people. If they’re not picking up their phones to answer a live call, they’re certainly not willing to waste time with a long-winded and rambling voicemail message. Keep yours brief and to the point.

2. Personalize your voicemail

Voicemail offers even less time to engage your B2B prospect than during a sales prospecting call. To keep your contact from hitting “delete,” open with the most relevant information. A bit of research into your prospect’s role and company helps. It’s also smart to provide specific details about your solution rather than a generic overview.

3. Outline the next step

Perhaps the most important part of an effective sales voicemail message is your call to action. Don’t leave it up to the prospect to determine when (or if) they should contact you. Likewise, avoid generic and forgettable phrases like “Please contact me” or “Call me when it’s convenient.” Instead, clearly outline exactly why it’s beneficial to speak with you. Remember to include your direct phone number and best times to call.

4. Follow up with an email

Another smart technique to increase your chances of a sales callback is to pair your inside sales voicemail with a follow-up email. This creates two touchpoints with your B2B decision-maker and gives them multiple ways to engage with you. Include the same brief information in both communications.

5. Answer your callbacks

Business development is a discipline where the more attempts you make to reach B2B decision-makers, the more leads you’ll ultimately generate. That means a sizable volume of outbound calls each day. But, it’s also important to respect your audience’s time and make sure that when they want to connect with you, they can. When you leave inside sales voicemails requesting callbacks, be sure you’re available to take those important calls. While only a small number of individuals will respond, those who do are demonstrating a sizable amount of interest; don’t let that effort go to waste.

Use voicemail to support sales prospecting efforts

Voicemail alone won’t fill your sales pipeline. But, when used in combination with a consistent outbound calling effort and your regular digital marketing tools, it’s an easy way to keep your brand top of mind and your day booked with productive conversations with potential buyers.

Outsourcing your business development efforts to a professional B2B call center like Volkart May includes expert sales prospecting calls and inside sales voicemails. We can even book sales-ready appointments on your reps’ calendars. Review our lead generation services to learn more about our process and results.

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