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Put the power of people into your sales process

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

Everywhere you look, the headlines feature stories of automation and digital transformation. Cars can drive themselves. 3-D printers replicate complicated parts. Even our refrigerators now have chips and “brains.”

In complex industries like medtech and B2B, adopting technology makes it possible to serve customers at scale and work efficiently. But, there’s tremendous power in pairing a great digital experience with a live human connection.

That’s where partnering with a professional inside sales team like Volkart May can add talent and capacity to your sales efforts. Our seasoned callers know how to represent your brand with empathy, understanding and rapport.

A skilled team can complement your digital marketing efforts by:

  • Engaging buyers,
  • Building trust in your solution, and
  • Advancing more opportunities to closed sales and satisfied customers.

Offer important sales prospects more than just clicks

No matter the size of your company or the type of product you sell, it’s smart to remember that people buy from other people. While a decision-maker can gather information from your website and learn about your product from your marketing emails, it’s difficult to build a lasting relationship in a solely digital space. “Likes,” clicks and one-way communication tools can’t replace the power and efficiency of a two-way conversation.

Having human touchpoints all along your buyer’s journey strengthens your relationships and accelerates the sales process. It’s a great way to differentiate your B2B or medtech company from competitors in your space.

Here are just a few ways that an engaged inside sales caller can help:

  • Break the ice and introduce your company to prospects in a new territory or purchased list.
  • Ask smart questions and gather market insights to fuel stronger marketing.
  • Discuss pain points and challenges to show prospects you understand their issues and industry.
  • Navigate phone trees and gatekeepers to find the real decision-makers at target companies.
  • Quickly reach out to interested individuals who engage with your company’s digital tools.
  • Listen, learn from and nurture current prospects to keep them moving forward in the sales cycle.

Establish authentic, trusted sales relationships

Human connection is vital for an effective B2B or medtech sales process. Whether it’s a face-to-face engagement, a virtual meeting or a warm telephone call, providing an open and welcoming space for sales conversations shows you value your decision-maker’s time and opinions.

Using conversation as part of your marketing and sales process elevates your approach from a one-sided pitch to a true two-way dialogue. Instead of asking your potential customer to “self-serve” information through cold and sterile digital channels, your team become trusted advisors who listen, answer questions and tailor information that solves your sales prospect’s most pressing challenges.

Hire for curiosity, empathy and good listening

What makes a positive encounter? It starts with hiring the right people—individuals who are warm, curious, outgoing and energetic.

Great conversationalists are also good listeners and eager learners.

  • They want to know as much as they can about your product and service, so they can help others.
  • They’re quick to demonstrate empathy and they’re willing to share control of the conversation.
  • They know how to ask smart questions and then reap the rewards by listening, prompting and gathering valuable insights.

Another hallmark of effective sales conversations is a natural flow that never feels scripted. In fact, exceptional sales reps (and outsourced inside sales teams like Volkart May) ditch the script entirely. Instead, business development call guides create a consistent, organized, approach while ensuring a dialogue that’s natural and engaging.

All these techniques help establish the authentic, trusted relationships that form that foundation of successful medtech and B2B sales efforts.

Drive business results through impactful conversations

Perhaps there’s no better way to describe the impact of effective human conversation in marketing and sales than in the exact words of some of our valued clients:

“Volkart May provides a tremendous amount of professionalism.”

“Their people are able to have meaningful business conversations.”

“With Volkart May, it doesn’t feel like you’re being pitched; it feels like someone’s calling to help.”

We consider our talented outbound callers our greatest resource. Whether you’re a medtech startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise, our inside sales expertise and professionalism will support your sales process with the power of human conversation.

Learn more about our services, then contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your medtech and B2B sales goals.

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