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Why a live conversation at the top of the sales funnel is so important

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

In today’s fast paced, tech-savvy business world, there are plenty of communication options available. Daily interactions with customers and prospects now occur via email, text message, web chat, social media and even collaboration tools like Slack and Yammer.

While these platforms are widely accepted for ongoing communication with existing customers, it’s important not to rely too heavily on them at the top of the sales funnel, when you are trying to generate new business. At this point in the sales process, the human touch is extremely important. That’s why an actual live conversation with prospects should be a top priority for B2B and medtech marketers.

Here’s why a live conversation at the top of the sales funnel is so important:

Builds rapport

While digital communication is quick and efficient, it lacks the personal connection that you can establish in a phone call or face-to-face meeting. There’s simply nothing more powerful than a one-to-one conversation. When your target customer speaks to a live representative on the phone, they are more likely build rapport and feel valued by that person (and company). This connection establishes trust and starts the relationship right. When the time comes to make a purchase, this personal connection can help make the sale!

Shows personalized attention

At the very top of the sales funnel it’s tempting to deluge prospects with information that can easily be found online, such as case studies, whitepapers and other marketing collateral. The problem with this approach is it’s one-sided nature. Your company is doing all the talking—and no one is doing any listening. Focusing on your prospect’s individual challenges and needs is critical in the awareness, education and consideration stages at the top of the funnel.

A live conversation gives you this opportunity, filling a gap that digital tools simply can’t. Prospects want information that’s specific to their needs. It’s especially pertinent in the lengthy, complex sales cycles of B2B and medtech companies. These sophisticated medtech and B2B decision-makers want to know exactly how your service or product is going to help, and expect a customized solution. When an inside sales representative or lead generation specialist has a conversation early on, they can gauge each prospect’s needs, determine their level of interest and shape a customized pitch that is relevant to their current situation.

Provides a point of contact

Business buyers feel more comfortable with a company when they have a specific point of contact. The higher the price of your product or service, the more important this dedicated representative becomes. During the buyer’s journey, questions will arise that can’t be answered by quickly browsing the company website. Instead, a live conversation keeps prospects engaged and excited about your potential solution. When your sales team (or an experienced contact center) addresses their questions promptly and professionally, prospects move quickly to the next step in the sales cycle.

Having live conversations at the top of the sales funnel does require an investment, either in an internal team or an outsourced sales partner. However, for most B2B and medtech companies, the ROI greatly exceeds the expense, especially when working with an experienced contact center. Professional contact centers like Volkart May can quickly scale up or down in volume to meet a company’s needs, without requiring additional hiring, training or investments in infrastructure that come with managing an inside sales team in-house.

With an outsourced contact center, experienced callers focus on initial prospect conversations, lead generation, qualification and appointment setting, which frees the high-powered sales reps on the company payroll for in-depth demonstrations and closing sales. It’s a smart and cost-effective way to maximize leads and accelerate the sales process.

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