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What can you discover from a healthcare sales lab?

Outbound calling produces valuable market insights for medtech companies

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

In medicine, the lab is a groundbreaking space where discipline, research and discovery intersect. Every day, scientists, researchers and technicians conduct important experiments, uncover new information and push forward with breakthrough treatments. The outcomes can be amazing.

Here at Volkart May, we offer our medtech and healthcare clients a similar opportunity. Instead of medical innovations, we specialize in market insights that help healthcare companies better understand their target market.

We call it a sales lab.

How a healthcare sales lab delivers value

Just like in a traditional laboratory, a sales lab is a space for curiosity, discovery and learning.

Instead of microscopes and centrifuges, we use outbound calling, firsthand voice of customer feedback and data-driven analytics to help medtech marketing and sales professionals hone your product strategy, brand messaging or sales approach.

Here’s how a healthcare sales lab works:

  • Medtech or healthcare companies come to us with questions about your market.
  • We assemble a list that represents your target audience at hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, care facilities or other medical practices.
  • Working together, we develop a discussion guide.
  • Our professional callers reach out and hold detailed, one-on-one conversations to gather valuable information.
  • Marketing, sales, product management and senior leadership then apply these insights to refine your approach.

Unlike other research methods, an outbound calling sales lab can produce results quickly and cost-effectively—often within just days of the first call. And, our healthcare calling includes full digital recordings of each contact, so stakeholders can actually listen to verbatim feedback, in their own words, from your target audience.

Many use cases for healthcare market research

Who can benefit from research-driven calling?

It’s ideal for medtech and healthcare companies that need to:

  • Test the value proposition for a new product or service.
  • Validate potential features, enhancements or product ideas.
  • Understand current systems, equipment or competitive products in use.
  • Prioritize the sales opportunity in different market segments.
  • Uncover trends and new ideas in your market.
  • Identify decision-makers, influencers and other roles in the buying process.

Another benefit of a healthcare sales lab is its flexibility.

You can conduct a standalone market research project in your healthcare market, or combine it with lead generation or sales prospecting calling. That makes a healthcare sales lab particularly valuable for rapidly growing businesses where there’s little time or budget for a separate market research effort.

Another hallmark of an outbound calling sales lab is the ability to modify your approach and test different variables. If early results show promise in a particular area, you can update your discussion guide or pivot to a different list segment, which ensures you use your resources and budget wisely.

Market knowledge to maximize your sales

Profiling your medtech and healthcare prospects is a final opportunity for a sales lab environment. The more you know about potential buyers and decision-makers, the stronger your ability to target messages, develop winning products and of course, close more sales.

Unlike digital surveys and online tools that tell only part of the story, a sales lab gathers direct and actionable feedback. With outbound calling, every interaction is a one-to-one conversation. Volkart May callers know how to ask the right questions, probe for details and gather sound market intelligence.

Adding a sales lab to your healthcare marketing, sales or product development efforts puts objective data behind your decisions. It delivers the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward with success.

Ready to discover more about your healthcare target audience? Learn more about our sales lab and market research services, then schedule a conversation to discuss your project in detail.

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