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How to generate leads for medtech sales

Use outbound calling to reach more healthcare decision-makers

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

What’s one of the first things medtech sales and marketing teams learn?


That’s because selling to healthcare leaders at hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies and other providers takes time. For most products and services, numerous steps occur between the first connection and the final closing of the sale.

Several reasons account for these extended medtech sales cycles:

  • Healthcare buyers are busy individuals. Medtech decision-makers routinely screen calls, dodge emails and skip traditional ads and communications.
  • Products can be complicated and require lengthy approval processes with multiple people.
  • COVID-19’s prevalence creates fewer opportunities for face-to-face interactions.

So, how do medtech sales and marketing teams reach these important buyers?

Common symptoms that you may need outsourced lead generation

Most sales and marketing leaders at medtech companies understand the principles and best practices of healthcare lead generation. However, when the pressure is on to achieve revenue targets, relying solely on internal sales reps may not be enough.

Does your medtech sales team:

  • Lose focus and skip the fundamentals like regular cold calling and sales prospecting?
  • Burn out from a demanding workload?
  • Give up on the sales process when leads don’t convert to sales quickly?
  • Spend the majority of their time closing deals, without nurturing cooler prospects who are earlier in their purchase journey?

These symptoms can indicate it’s time for a new approach.

Working with a healthcare call center like Volkart May helps medtech companies add capacity, overcome hurdles and conduct effective healthcare lead generation with medtech professionals.

We make calls on behalf of your company and act as an extension of your team. We utilize your unique value proposition, then efficiently connect with potential buyers to collect valuable information, accurately score your leads and even book appointments directly on your sales reps’ calendars.

Armed with detailed information and warm, sales-ready leads, your internal team can close with confidence.

Look for ways to reach ‘invisible’ buyers and nurture all leads

The right tools and approach help you engage more medtech buyers. We believe that includes consistent contact with actual humans!

After all, digital marketing only goes so far with medtech and healthcare prospects. Online tactics such as content marketing, social media, SEO and paid ads play an essential role in building an audience. However, once these individuals visit your website, download an asset and fill out a lead capture form, what happens next?

Often, these forms capture only the bare minimum of information. There’s little context as to how ready the company is to buy, which competitors they’re considering, or whether the individual is an influencer, champion or final decision-maker. Without this critical data, few medtech sales people will take action. Meanwhile, these potential healthcare buyers can easily engage with competitors.

There can be numerous active medtech buyers who may be invisible to your organization, especially if the sales team relies solely on inbound leads. For example, by the time a medtech prospects lands on your website, most have conducted numerous searches for similar products and services. They may have narrowed their buying options considerably and be speaking actively with your competitors—without ever completing a contact form.

These are just two examples of how gaps in the medtech lead generation process can hamper growth.

Components of successful medtech lead generation

Fortunately, successful medtech companies can overcome the firewalls between sales reps and their healthcare prospects with consistent, ongoing effort.

Strong medtech lead generation includes:

  • Ongoing campaigns to boost brand awareness and generate new leads
  • Rigorously qualifying leads with a lead scoring system
  • Nurturing qualified opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Conducting multi-channel outreach to potential buyers
  • Leveraging outsourced resources to achieve scale and speed in the market

Outbound calling through a proven inside sales partner like Volkart May can support all these important activities. Our comprehensive services include medtech lead generation, lead qualification, appointment-setting and more. Our talented callers speak healthcare fluently and readily engage healthcare buyers at all levels of the organization.

Are you ready to learn more? Review our medtech capabilities and healthcare case studies, then contact us for a one-on-one discussion about your needs.

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