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The business case and benefits of outsourcing B2B lead generation for businesses

Add outbound calling to your sales plan

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Virtual selling techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are expected to remain a critical component and permanent fixture in the business world.

Since COVID-19, organizations have continued to evolve with remote work and virtual tools. However, sales and marketing leaders have realized that advanced technology alone is not enough for successful lead generation, sales prospecting and healthy sales pipeline.

In planning your medical technology or B2B company’s lead generation strategy, consider including a line item for outbound calling through an outsourced call center like Volkart May. Not only does working with experienced business development callers increase capacity and accelerate your lead generation results, it also provides insight into the best practices for virtual and in-person business development.

Outsourced lead generation increases your team’s capacity to close more sales.

Outsourcing inside sales activities is a cost-effective and efficient solution for healthcare and B2B businesses. It can complement results of existing digital campaigns and ensure critical activities like cold calling, prospect list building and identifying new prospective customers no matter how busy your high-powered internal sales teams become.

When you outsource lead generation, your professional call center teams up with your internal team to tackle some or all of these demand generation tasks:

  • Qualifying inbound inquiries and potential leads
  • Generating new high-quality leads
  • Deliver hot leads and sales qualified leads
  • Nurturing cooler opportunities
  • Booking appointments for sales managers
  • Identifying market insights
  • Updating prospective buyers lists

Through outsourcing, the internal sales company assumes responsibility for recruiting, training, and supervising the business development team. They also handle the expenses and time of sales funnel and infrastructure, which includes everything from purchasing high-quality headphones and equipment, establishing data security, and implementing technology to monitor campaign progress.

The results is a steady stream of appointment setting that are ready for sales, ensuring that your internal resources can be directed towards the most critical aspects of the sales process: building a healthy sales pipeline and closing deals.

Our outbound calling is proven to generate a return on investment of 10:1 or higher.

The value proposition for outsourcing lead generation calling may sound attractive, scary—or both—depending on your point of view. What it does represent is change.

To move forward, take the time to involve others and learn together how the new option of outsourcing will really work.

Volkart May has over 30 years of experience in outbound calling and emphasizes the importance of ROI for gaining buy-in. Through collaborations with clients, we have consistently returned10:1 ROI for our clients, even in the first engagement. Our key metrics and case studies prove how we do it in more detail.

Implement these strategies to obtain organizational buy-in.

Having internal support is crucial for any new initiative. If there is no buy-in, your valuable leads can languish in the CRM system or someone’s inbox, or they may only receive cursory follow-up.

To implement outbound calling across your organization, consider including these activities in your budget and sales planning process.

  • In order to ensure successful lead generation calling, it is recommended to involve stakeholders early on. This includes inviting both marketing and sales teams to planning meetings with your outsourcing partner, and establishing open communication and collaboration to build a solid foundation.
  • Start with a pilot project. There’s no need to outsource 100 percent of your lead generation or B2B sales reps prospecting activities immediately. In fact, starting small with a pilot project or test campaign gives you and your outsourced call center time to test, learn and refine the approach that works best in your market. It’s a great way to convince skeptical stakeholders and gain budget approval for a new initiative.
  • Forecast potential results. Outbound calling’s measurability is a significant advantage. By anticipating your target calling list’s size, your outsourced provider can assist you in forecasting your campaign’s potential outcomes, including both conservative and aggressive projections. This information empowers you to determine the appropriate project scope to meet your immediate and long-term goals.

For further learning, you can browse our additional resource articles about B2B lead generation outsourcing services or reach out to us for a personalized proposal and ROI analysis on your outbound calling project.

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