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Get ready for femtech innovation

New medtech startups focus on women’s health and wellness

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

What’s next on the horizon for medtech startups and innovators? One sector that’s getting plenty of attention is the emerging discipline of female technologies, otherwise known as “femtech.”

Femtech emerging as a powerhouse field within medtech

Femtech as a category encompasses a broad range of software, diagnostics and other technology solutions, all designed to address women’s health and wellness. It includes everything from chronic diseases, fertility tracking and sexual health to pregnancy, breast-feeding and menopause.

The sector has emerged as a potential powerhouse within medtech. Industry analysts have termed femtech a trend to watch and an underdeveloped sector; 2021 and beyond are slated for a number of developments.

Investment is predicted to grow rapidly. Researchers estimate the global femtech market will top $60 billion by 2027.

Femtech innovators need sales resources and market intelligence

So, how does femtech intersect with outbound calling?

It’s a fair question, and one where the relationship may not be immediately obvious. But, femtech innovators face the same challenges as many other medtech startups, from defining their market niche and setting optimal pricing, to building a sales pipeline and scaling up resources quickly.

Often, these and other critical tasks need to happen simultaneously and during a very short window of time. Hiring, training and managing an in-house team doesn’t fit the bill. Nor does waiting for digital communication tools to take hold. Guesswork without testing or research can result in unnecessary risk, delays and even financial losses.

Working with a professional outbound call center that specializes in healthcare can bridge these gaps. Outsourcing to experienced resources frees the internal team for core activities, while jumpstarting progress with targeted healthcare buyers.

Medtech calling delivers valuable insights and qualified leads

At Volkart May, we work with a number of small technology companies, medtech startups and early-stage organizations. We offer traditional lead generation and inside sales services, such as cold calling, prospecting and medtech appointment-setting, but we also tap into a model we call our “sales lab.”

With a sales lab, the goal of a call isn’t just a qualified healthcare sales lead. We’re also identifying and speaking with healthcare decision-makers to learn more about a particular market segment, industry trend, workplace challenge or perception of an issue. This provides immediate knowledge to fuel stronger medtech product development, marketing and sales efforts.

These robust engagements are particularly valuable for rapidly growing startups and medtech businesses, where there’s little time or budget for a separate market research effort.

Femtech represents an immense healthcare opportunity

The opportunity with femtech is immense. After all, women represent roughly half the world’s population. But, that doesn’t mean we all think or behave alike!

Identifying the right market niche for a femtech offering (or any medtech solution) is critical to a success. Just as important is determining the healthcare providers and organizations who will refer, recommend and even purchase an end product.

Volkart May speaks healthcare fluently and has 30 years’ experience reaching providers, clinics, hospitals, labs, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations. We’re able to connect with busy healthcare professionals, engage them in peer-to-peer conversations and deliver the results that support a variety of medtech strategies.

If you’re looking for more insights, leads and resources to support your femtech or medtech offering, reach out to us today.

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