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How healthcare appointment-setting services work

Fill your medtech sales team’s calendars with qualified appointments

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Medtech sales reps play a vital role for the organization: Meeting with healthcare decision-makers and hospital buying committees. Attending industry events. Keeping up on the latest product enhancements and regulatory requirements. Conducting product demonstrations. Drafting proposals and contracts.

Most importantly, closing deals.

Often, that doesn’t leave much time for cold-calling and sales prospecting—two activities that are essential for keeping your healthcare sales pipeline filled and achieving your annual sales and revenue goals.

That’s where outsourced healthcare appointment-setting services add value.

Book healthcare sales appointments, medtech product demos and more


  • What if your medtech sales reps had a full appointment calendar of new, qualified opportunities each month?
  • What if your organization had capacity registrations for your upcoming webinars, events, product education classes or other sales activities?
  • What if you could achieve these results while still keeping your high-powered field sales team focused on nurturing new business and closing healthcare sales?

It may seem too good to be true, but it’s actually possible with an outsourced healthcare appointment-setting service.

These dedicated lead generation resources alleviate the time and effort it takes for the internal medtech sales team to identify “sales-ready” prospects. Instead, like turning a faucet on and off, you can determine the velocity of sales prospecting calls and appointments you need, then let your outsourced healthcare appointment-setting team handle the legwork.

How healthcare appointment-setting services work

With outsourcing, your lead generation partner—a contact center like Volkart May—assigns a dedicated team of experienced appointment-setting callers to your project. This team learn your product, your value proposition and the healthcare buyers you want to reach.

Then, your outsourced appointment-setting team makes calls to:

  • Identify the right healthcare decision-makers
  • Evaluate their interest in your medtech product or service
  • Book appointments with the most qualified opportunities

The appointment-setting service takes care of hiring and training business development reps, as well as the infrastructure required to support an inside sales team. It frees your company from ongoing capital expenses and keeps your high-powered medtech sales team focused on taking qualified medtech opportunities across the finish line.

Leverage technology for smooth healthcare sales appointments

Another advantage comes from today’s robust technology. With an outsourced healthcare appointment-setting service, qualified meetings (and all the details that go with them) can appear directly on your sales team’s calendars. It’s possible to integrate schedules, CRM systems and even digital recordings of the actual appointment-setting call, so everyone works efficiently.

This approach also ensures your important healthcare prospects get the best possible customer service, with no dropped hand-offs. Sales and marketing teams save time in the process, because there’s no need for spreadsheets, retyping data or delays.

At Volkart May, we work seamlessly with our medtech clients. A fresh, qualified lead or booked appointment can make it from our callers to our client’s systems quickly and accurately.

Focus your internal team on closing sales

When you leverage a dedicated team for appointment-setting calls in medtech and healthcare, you free the internal sales team for other activities, while still maintaining a consistent, high volume of qualified leads and opportunities.

Your medtech sales reps stay focused on nurturing relationships and closing deals. Your outsourced healthcare appointment-setting service creates positive momentum and generates an excellent ROI.

Check out this healthcare case study which returned a 10:1 ROI for our client. Then, contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

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