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Is your B2B sales team focused on all revenue sources?

Don’t overlook the potential in smaller accounts and cooler leads

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

How does your sales team spend the majority of its time? If you’re like most B2B or medtech companies, your high-powered field sales reps and distributors focus on the largest accounts and the opportunities closest to converting.

However, it’s important to recognize that the biggest deals and largest companies aren’t the only sources of revenue. Smaller accounts and cooler leads deserve attention, too.

Since the in-house sales team has a limited amount of time, it makes sense to focus on larger revenue sources first. But, smaller prospects and leads that are earlier in the sales cycle can also yield significant business. That’s why savvy medtech and B2B companies deploy additional resources to nurture these potential deals as well, such as adding capacity with an outsourced call center.

6 Reasons to add capacity with an outsourced call center

Working with an outside resource, such as a professional contact center like Volkart May, can ensure your entire universe of prospects gets the attention it deserves.

Here’s how outsourcing with outbound calling can help:

1. Keep internal teams focused

Shifting some responsibilities to an outside resource frees the in-house sales team for what they do best—building relationships and closing deals—without sacrificing the potential revenue in smaller accounts. Your lead generation partner handles the day-to-day legwork, then passes firm opportunities and appointments back to your team once they’re ready to close.

Activities that are ideal for outsourcing include:

  • Cold calling to generate new leads among your smaller prospects
  • Follow-up calls with inbound inquiries like web and tradeshow leads
  • Lead nurturing conversations with early-stage prospects and cooler leads

2. Add capacity

Ever have more work than the internal sales team can handle—but not enough to justify another full-time employee? Instead of letting those opportunities languish (or burdening your current sales team with overtime), try outsourcing. It’s a great way to add capacity without the expense of new headcount. It’s also fast and simple to scale up or down in capacity, depending on your needs, budget cycles or seasonality in your industry.

3. Meet financial goals

It can be costly to assign in-house sales reps to work with smaller accounts, where deal sizes don’t always merit an in-person visit or a time-consuming sales cycle. Delegating the work to the right resources makes the difference.

An outsourced call center will typically achieve higher call volumes with fewer resources, generating a much higher campaign ROI than many internal sales teams can accomplish. Outsourcing also cuts costs, as your company doesn’t pay the salary, benefits and other overhead costs associated with a full-time employee.

4. Nurture early-stage leads

Few leads are ready to close immediately. Yet with consistent, ongoing follow-up, many will convert to qualified opportunities and new sales down the road. Outsourced calling makes sure these early-stage prospects and cooler leads get the attention they deserve. Calling is a great complement to email marketing or other lead nurturing campaigns, helping you recoup the maximum opportunities in your market space.

5. Identify qualified prospects

As your internal team concentrates on the largest companies and key accounts, an outsourced partner can cold call and prospect among smaller organizations. A one-to-one phone conversation is a perfect way to generate leads and qualify which potential buyers are best-suited to your company’s product or service.

6. Create future interest

Just as the in-house sales team focuses on larger accounts up front, it’s those same accounts that get the majority of their attention after the initial sale. An outsourced partner can reach out to smaller customers as well.

Opportunities with current customers include:

  • Generating interest in additional products and services
  • Providing customer support
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

All revenue sources are important and deserve attention. If your in-house sales team lacks the time or resources to dedicate to cooler leads and smaller accounts, or it doesn’t make sense financially to manage this business internally, then outsourcing is a viable way to ensure you make the most of all business opportunities. Schedule a time to talk with us about how we can help you add call capacity without burdening your sales team.

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