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Rev up your results with inside sales as a service

Outsourcing business development makes a measurable impact

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

When software-as-a-service (SaaS) arrived, it created a new paradigm for companies and consumers. Instead of investing in cumbersome and expensive servers, hardware and physical infrastructure to run company technology, businesses could tap into cloud solutions for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Other “as a service” models soon followed. Remember collecting CDs and DVDs to enjoy music or movies? Subscription services like Spotify, Pandora, Netflix and Hulu now put millions of titles at our fingertips without cluttering our shelves.

Need pet food, eyeglasses or even a ride to lunch? Brands like Chewy, Warby Parker and Uber remove the barriers found in traditional models with direct-to-consumer simplicity.

Why not “subscribe” to scalable and cost-effective inside sales solutions?

The “as a service” sector can help marketing and sales teams make similar advances. It shows the power of thinking outside the box to solve complex problems.

Business development and lead generation is a great example. With an “inside sales as a service” model, any company can tap into high quality, professional sales talent—without the time, expense and capital investment required to staff and support an internal sales team.

  • No more struggling to hire qualified sales candidates.
  • No more overhead for equipment and office space.
  • No more business disruptions from ups and downs in demand.

With an “inside sales as a service” approach, medtech and B2B companies can concentrate on what you do best—product innovation and customer service—and leave the discipline of cold calling, prospecting and lead generation to the experts.

Outsourcing inside sales alleviates risk, cost and pressure

Outsourcing to qualified contact centers like Volkart May alleviates the risks, costs and pressures common with managing an internal business development team.

Consider the challenges of following the traditional inside sales model, where a medtech or B2B company hires, trains and manages a sales team.

The time and expenses involved with this model can be numerous:

  • Investing in equipment and technology to support sales professionals
  • Keeping an updated sales database or CRM system
  • Paying base salaries, benefits and sales commissions
  • Funding business travel to networking events, tradeshows and client or prospect locations
  • Maintaining sales leadership to manage and motivate the team
  • Handling business disruptions caused by high turnover or seasonality
  • Providing ongoing sales training and industry certifications

While moving to a virtual environment eliminates some costs like the physical infrastructure of an office, a number of expenses remain. The average salary for an inside sales representative now tops $65,000, including base pay and commissions. Expenses add up quickly.

Other challenges for an inside sales team include:

  • Maximizing sales rep productivity
  • Hiring strong business development representatives
  • Combatting call fatigue and burnout
  • Managing through ups and downs in demand

Use only the business development resources you need

Outsourcing inside sales creates a more flexible, scalable solution that can work for large and small companies alike. At Volkart May, we’ve provided professional business development, appointment-setting and lead nurturing programs for more than 30 years, working with a number of the nation’s leading brands.

Our “as a service” approach to inside sales provides numerous advantages. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to use only the business development resources you need.

  • Need high velocity calling to launch a new product or expand into a new territory? Your outsourced inside sales company simply adds more trained inside sales reps to your project.
  • Heading into a holiday or slower season where you need to downshift? Simply notify your inside sales partner and they can pivot resources to another client.

Scaling up or down in volume happens quickly, with no need for you to scramble to hire  (or consider layoffs) when sales levels fluctuate.

Another plus with outsourced inside sales is the knowledge and experience your business development partner can provide. When all you do is lead generation, appointment-setting and other inside sales activities, you become experts in the field. Your outsourced inside sales company can apply their skills and learnings directly to your projects, to maximize results.

If you’re open to a better, smarter way of handling inside sales activities, Volkart May can help. Contact us for a free consultation on your specific needs.

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