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5 Ways to build your fall leads pipeline

Generate more leads with these sales calling campaigns

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Once school starts, Labor Day passes and the trees begin to turn, you know it’s autumn. Fall is also one of the most productive times for lead generation and reaching your target buyers.

Use these outbound calling campaign ideas to put new, qualified leads into your sales pipeline. Getting started now ensures you’ll have a strong end to the fourth quarter, and a robust start to the new year.

If you have aggressive revenue goals, a lengthy sales cycle or important lead generation and sales goals, fall is the perfect time to put your internal (or outsourced) sales resources to work.

Use outbound calling to generate qualified leads

There are a number of ways to generate awareness in the marketplace and get your message out to potential decision-makers, but few work as quickly—or as well—as sales calls.

That’s because unlike advertising or digital campaigns, outbound calling leverages the power of a one-to-one conversation. When you reach a potential buyer, your business development representative can engage in a discussion that’s beneficial for both sides. There’s no waiting for responses or figuring out where to click—simply ask questions and explore together whether your solution is a good fit for the target company.

Results are immediate and measurable with outbound calling. At the end of every call, you’ll have data to hone your approach, update your database and move your sales efforts forward. Actionable market intelligence is one of the biggest side benefits of talking directly to your sales prospects.

Five lead generation ideas for fall

Try these lead generation campaigns to fuel your sales efforts this fall.

1. Expand your prospect list

Your marketing and sales database is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Unfortunately, B2B and healthcare data changes rapidly—as much as 25 percent each year. A fall lead generation campaign can keep your data up-to-date and ensure you’ve got accurate contact info on your most important audiences. Professional contact centers like Volkart May can help you build a custom prospect list from scratch, or expand on the information in your company’s current database.

2. Find sales-ready buyers

Lead generation calling is the ideal way to increase top-of-the-funnel activity. You can target campaign messages to specific market segments, or use a special offer to create a sense of urgency. You can even nurture cooler leads from past events, your website form and previous campaigns. When trained sales callers connect with potential buyers, a series of qualification questions help identify the companies most likely to buy in the near term and down the road.

3. Support your distributors and resellers

If your company relies on distributors or value-added resellers, a fall lead generation campaign can deliver qualified leads to these critical partners. An outsourced call center like Volkart May can make lead generation calls on behalf of your brand, or the brands of individual distributors, then seamlessly funnel warm prospects into your CRM system or other sales database. It’s a smart way to get more traction in key market segments.

4. Upsell current customers

Lead generation isn’t just for new sales prospects. There’s also plenty of opportunity when you reconnect with current customers. An outbound calling campaign this fall can identify the strongest sales potential within your current customer base. At the same time, you can check in on customer satisfaction levels. Fall is a great time to work on upcoming contract renewals, sell additional licenses, book potential reorders or add warranty sales. Volkart May callers can do the legwork of reaching out, and your internal sales team can follow up (and close) the most promising opportunities.

5. Drive event attendance

After a pandemic hiatus, tradeshows and conferences are back in action. An outbound calling campaign can help you improve ROI on your fall events. Lead generation calls before the event can remind attendees of your activities, especially product demos, key sessions or VIP hospitality rooms. After the event, outbound calling can help you qualify and prioritize the contacts you make, so marketing and sales can follow up promptly and close more deals.

Our lead generation promise

At Volkart May, generating B2B leads is our specialty. We’re so proud of our professional callers and the work they do that we guarantee a minimum of 10 qualified leads in the first 60 days of any campaign.

Learn more about our B2B and medtech lead generation services, then contact us to discuss your project and get started.

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