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Aggressive revenue goals? Try inside sales outsourcing

You can meet even the toughest sales goals with the right lead generation partner

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Imagine standing at the foot of a mountain and looking up. Often, the peak is so high it’s invisible to the naked eye. From that vantage point, it can be difficult to believe reaching the top is even possible.

A new sales or revenue goal for your medtech company can feel equally daunting—especially when it represents an aggressive growth target or expansion into an untested market.

Meeting an aggressive sales goal requires a new approach

When you’re a medtech sales leader on the receiving end of a seemingly insurmountable goal, it’s easy to become anxious and overwhelmed.

An aggressive sales goal can make you wonder:

  • Is this target sales number really achievable?
  • Do we have the right resources and tools in place?
  • How will we support and motivate our healthcare sales team?

One thing that’s immediately clear is this: taking a “business as usual” approach won’t be enough.

Meeting aggressive revenue numbers and expanding to new markets requires different tools, tactics and resources. Inside sales outsourcing is one of them.

For decades, leading brands have trusted inside sales outsourcing

If you’ve never tried it, inside sales outsourcing may be a new concept. But, savvy medtech and B2B companies have relied on these valuable lead generation partnerships for decades. Here at Volkart May, our professional business development representatives have been supporting leading brands for more than 30 years.

Here’s how inside sales outsourcing works:

  • Your outsourcing resource hires, trains and manages a team of professional business development representatives.
  • The inside sales outsourcing company also handles all technology and equipment, from headsets and laptops to the CRM software and calling platforms that make effective sales prospecting possible.
  • These motivated and engaged sellers operate as an extension of your internal team for extra bandwidth, specialized lead generation projects or gathering market intelligence.
  • A dedicated project manager oversees your account, providing regular updates and smooth communication.
  • You can even integrate your technology to automate information-sharing, such as booking sales-ready appointments directly on the internal sales team’s calendars.

The bottom line with inside sales outsourcing is that it works. It adds capacity, extends the reach of your brand and most importantly, lets your high-powered internal sales team spend their valuable time closing deals (rather than finding them).

Outsourcing accelerates the activity required to achieve aggressive sales goals

Inside sales outsourcing helps medtech and B2B companies achieve aggressive sales goals and expand into new markets because it accelerates the sales cycle.

For example, expanding into a new market typically requires:

  • Obtaining a prospect list in the new geography or industry
  • Vetting the list for decision-maker names and accurate contact information
  • Creating and testing a value proposition until it resonates in the new market
  • Making numerous outbound calls to generate leads
  • Nurturing those contacts until they’re ready to convert to closed sales

All those steps take time and effort. Relying on the internal team often isn’t enough—especially if that team is also responsible for demos, contract negotiations and closing deals.

It’s a similar process to support an aggressive sales goal. Your outsourced inside sales team can:

  • Make outbound calls on behalf of your organization
  • Identify decision-makers and influencers to the sale
  • Collect valuable background, such as buying timeframes, budgets and competitive solutions in use
  • Generate qualified leads and sales-ready opportunities for the internal team to convert to sales
  • Nurture cooler prospects until they’re ready for hand-off to in-house sales reps

Most outsourced inside sales campaigns yield 10:1 or greater ROI

Partnering with an inside sales outsourcing solution like Volkart May multiplies your capacity. It lets you accomplish in a few weeks what might take months (or even years) through traditional resources.

Other benefits of inside sales outsourcing include:

  • Scalability. It’s fast and simple to add or decrease the velocity of your sales prospecting and lead generation efforts—without having to hire, train or manage sales personnel. This is especially critical right now, when the Great Resignation makes it extremely difficult to find qualified sales talent for full-time positions.
  • Experience. An outsourced inside sales team spends all its time working the top of the funnel for numerous types of companies and industries. Companies like Volkart May know what works (and what doesn’t) and apply that knowledge to every customer campaign.
  • Productivity. A sales rep’s time is best spent nurturing relationships and closing deals. But, someone needs to handle important (and time-consuming) tasks like cold calling new prospects, qualifying leads, profiling target accounts and keeping the sales database updated and accurate. Outsourcing inside sales means your partner tackles these critical business development activities while your internal team focus on more sophisticated and higher-value interactions.
  • ROI. At first glance, outsourcing may seem cost-prohibitive. But, it’s actually a bargain. Unlike hiring an internal sales team, with outsourcing there’s no capital expense for equipment, and no overhead for salaries and benefits. Plus, with consistent, professional lead generation efforts, your sales pipeline stays full of qualified leads and opportunities that result in more closed sales and revenue. Volkart May campaigns typically produce 10:1 or greater ROI for our clients—even on the very first outbound calling project.

Sales leaders, end your sleepless nights

Peace of mind is a final benefit of outsourcing inside sales, and one that can’t be overstated when it comes to meeting an aggressive sales or revenue goal. After all, what medtech or B2B sales leader hasn’t experienced a sleepless night or two over a new and challenging goal?

At Volkart May, we understand the complexities of the medtech and B2B selling processes, and we thrive on working openly, collaboratively and professionally with each of our clients. Let’s connect and discuss how we can work together to meet your sales goals.

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