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Support your next event with outbound calling

Four ways to maximize leads at in-person or virtual events

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

After a long hiatus due to COVID-19, business travel and corporate events are both making a comeback.

Experts anticipate business travel will surge in 2022, increasing nearly 38 percent compared to last year. Organizers predict similar positive trends for tradeshows and corporate events. Budgets are up and at least two-thirds of this year’s events are expected to have an in-person component.

Advantages of lead generation calling for events

For medtech and B2B marketers, it’s time to dust off the nametags, ready the hand sanitizer and update your playbooks for lead generation at events.

Whether it’s a virtual, face-to-face or hybrid gathering, we recommend employing outbound calling as part of your pre- and post-event strategy.   

Deploying outbound calling for events can help you:

  • Generate more leads
  • Use sales and marketing resources wisely
  • Improve engagement with your target audiences

Calling works effectively on its own, or in conjunction with digital marketing campaigns that support your event objectives. Here are four ways savvy medtech and B2B marketers can leverage outbound calling for your next in-person, virtual or hybrid event.

Four ways outbound calling can support business events

1. Invite customers and prospects to attend

With more work than ever transacted via email and Zoom, it can be easy to miss yet another event invite in your inbox. There’s nothing like a friendly telephone call to make your customers and prospects feel welcome and appreciated. Unlike digital communications, a call from a knowledgeable representative lets you share information, answer questions and even qualify potential buyers.

Outbound calling works well to invite B2B and medtech decision-makers to attend events like webinars, conferences or training sessions. An extra outreach can leave a positive impression, strengthen relationships and boost traffic to your booth or session. Even if no one answers after several call attempts, leaving a voicemail creates another touchpoint to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Don’t have direct-dial phone numbers for conference attendees? No problem. A professional call center like Volkart May can include that research as part of the lead generation process. Our team of business development representatives are experts at identifying information, navigating corporate phone trees and reaching the ultimate decision-makers.

2. Set up onsite sales appointments

If you’re exhibiting or speaking at a tradeshow or convention, calling the conference attendee list is a great way to remind customers and prospects of your presence. You can even use outbound calling to set up onsite sales appointments for those who are interested in one-on-one conversations or product demonstrations.

This approach is especially beneficial for companies with complex sales cycles or high-tech products. By setting up appointments in advance, your outbound calling team can gather helpful information so your subject matter experts (SMEs) can prepare in advance. If a medtech prospect, for example, has a specific challenge, your team can find the exact report or feature to wow them with your solution. If a B2B buyer wants information on a technical feature or a complicated issue, you can bring the right expert to address and overcome those obstacles to sale.

Onsite appointments maximize the value of face-to-face gatherings for you and your target audience. Instead of flying sales reps around the country, you can create relationships with one-on-one sales appointments while you’re already attending a designated event.

3. Score and prioritize event leads

How often has the sales team returned from an event with a fishbowl full or business cards (or its digital equivalent), only to have them languish untouched for months? Outbound calling will make post-event follow-up a priority and ensure you maximize the ROI of your event. All it takes are a few qualifying questions and a process for handing off the warmest opportunities to the right sales reps.

Studies show that the faster you engage an interested buyer, the more likely your connection will result in an eventual sale. Start by identifying your lead scoring criteria and follow-up processes before your event occurs. Get buy-in from both the marketing and sales teams, and build out any required fields in your marketing automation or CRM system. That way, you can respond immediately and make the most of your event or tradeshow leads.

Don’t have the bandwidth to contact hundreds of companies right away? Working with an outsourced contact center like Volkart May can provide extra capacity and professional resources to engage leads from your tradeshow or event within just a few days.

4. Nurture qualified opportunities

The medtech and B2B customers and prospects you encounter at events will be at different stages of interest in their buying journey. Your sales team will likely jump at the chance to work the hottest opportunities—and be less enthused about leads that are unlikely to close in the near term. Instead of relegating those potential buyers to a disused corner of your sales database (or losing them entirely), create a defined lead nurturing strategy. Look for ways to deepen your relationship, collect additional information on the buyer’s needs and ultimately, stay top of mind for when the time is right to close the sale.

Email and digital campaigns can help, but there’s no substitute for a personal phone call. Set a schedule for periodic calls with cooler event and tradeshow leads—or use the resources of an outsourced inside sales partner like Volkart May. It’s the perfect opportunity to stay connected and close more sales.

Make the most of tradeshows, webinars and conferences

The return of in-person events, along with virtual and hybrid conferences, webinars, tradeshows and other gatherings, provides new opportunity for medtech and B2B marketers. Make the most of your events with strong lead generation practices before and after events occur.

Volkart May can help your next event soar. We’re experts at sales prospecting, list development, appointment-setting and nurturing qualified leads. Learn more about our services.

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