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Medicom Health Interactive

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Campaign ROI

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Quick look:

  • Trying outsourced calling for the first time
  • Uncovering valuable insights
  • Meeting a short timeframe


Cold calls getting the cold shoulder

Medicom Health Interactive, a medical technology leader, faced a long sales cycle for its health risk assessment platform—an innovative solution unlike any on the market. As they prepared to launch their new medications savings product, they saw an opportunity to leverage their expansive footprint and grow sales in the healthcare market. The problem? They lacked an inside sales team dedicated to prospecting with hospitals through cold calling. And, they knew their healthcare decision-maker target customers are notoriously difficult to reach. Their senior sales reps’ time was better spent closing than cold calling.

“We had aggressive sales and revenue goals,” explained Josh Fieldman, Vice President of Sales at Medicom. “Speed to market was essential. With Volkart May on the phones, we could get the word out fast.”


Find new leads to crank up the sales cycle

With our experience in healthcare and dedicated focus on calling, we produced results quickly. Within 90 days, we filled the sales pipeline with appointments and helped nurture cool leads, reaching 23 percent of targeted decision-makers at hospitals and healthcare systems. Perhaps most importantly, we delivered valuable marketing insights (and digital recordings of every call) that helped hone sales messaging for better results. We prompted interest by asking questions like, “What are you doing today to help patients afford medications?” We got more than answers. We got appointments.

“Partnering with Volkart May let our sales team focus on qualified opportunities, rather than time-consuming cold calling,” Fieldman said.


Sales pipeline flowing strong

We achieved a $483 cost per lead for a solution worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Seven in 10 appointments advanced in the sales process. We updated nearly half (47%) of the target list with accurate contact information to help keep the flow moving. The campaign produced an overall ROI of 30:1. Most importantly, the company overcame their reservations to outsourced prospecting and remain a valued customer.

“The results to date have been outstanding. We’re on track to achieve 30:1 ROI on our investment with Volkart May. We’re already evaluating the next campaign together,” Fieldman said.

“The results to date have been outstanding. We’re on track to achieve 30:1 ROI.”

Josh Fieldman, Vice President of Sales, Medicom Health Interactive
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