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How asking smart questions answered the call for sales


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Medical device manufacturer

1,500 hospitals

Biomedical Engineering Director
Biomedical Engineering Manager
Clinical Engineering Director
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)




Hospitals profiled

2 years
Pipeline of qualified
leads generated

Target accounts reached

Quick look:

  • Digging deep for amazing results
  • Customizing valuable market intel
  • Creating a two-year pipeline of qualified leads


Identify the right leads for reps

A medical device company with a broad product portfolio needed to equip sales reps with market intelligence. Which hospitals used which equipment? Which were ready to buy? Who was the right decision-maker? The company knew the person with knowledge of current equipment was different than the new equipment decision-maker. But there was no way to purchase a list with this information. Email would not produce the required level of detail. On top of all of that, the company lacked the internal resources to make the calls.


Laser targeting puts sales in the crosshairs

We worked closely with the medical device company to build a custom market intelligence and lead scoring campaign, then launched high-volume outbound calling. First, we called biomedical titles to learn about each hospital’s current equipment and buying cycles, reaching and profiling 500 hospitals.

Then, armed with our new market intel, we called back to speak with decision-makers to generate qualified leads. We determined seven percent were “hot” and ready to buy immediately, and four percent were “warm” and ready to purchase within two years. The medical device company now has accurate prospect information, a segmented list of hospitals and a two-year pipeline of qualified leads, allowing them to laser-target their marketing and sales efforts. Sales reps can focus on closing, not cold calling.


A stream of leads points to years of gains

We reached 40 percent of target hospitals to identify 600 accounts with custom market intelligence, creating an immediate list of hot leads and a two-year pipeline of qualified leads.

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