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3 ways an outsourced B2B or medtech contact center can help your sales team

More closing, fewer cold calls when you leverage professional inside sales resources

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

For medtech and B2B companies, a pipeline filled with the right leads is essential to achieve your sales goals. But, it’s not always financially savvy to hire a full-time inside sales team to handle the day-to-day activities that a complex sale requires: prospecting, cold calling, inquiry qualification and appointment setting, to name a few. Costs quickly balloon beyond salaries, once you consider training, management, facilities and equipment. Expecting your high-powered field sales team or account management staff to conduct lead generation—as well as demos, contracts and closing deals—can stretch even the most talented resources too far.

An outsourced B2B or medtech contact center can augment your effort and ensure a consistent flow of highly qualified leads and appointments. With this approach, your field sales team spends their valuable time with the most promising deals. It’s also a smart solution for medtech startups and smaller companies who need to test a concept or gain traction in the market—without adding unnecessary headcount.

Here are three ways an experienced outsourced B2B and medtech contact center can help to execute your inside sales strategy:

Generating new leads

If you have limited resources with your in-house sales team, their time is best spent working with qualified opportunities and closing sales—not cold calling or prospecting. However, this ongoing outbound calling and lead generation activity is critical to success. It’s still work that needs to be done.

With an outsourced B2B or medtech contact center, professional inside sales callers handle this up-front groundwork. In fact, callers from the contact center should work collaboratively with you, to act as an extension of your medtech or B2B sales team. Your outsourced partner can work through your prospect lists, contact potential buyers and do initial research. In return, you get complete and accurate data for future marketing and sales campaigns and a steady flow of prioritized, warm leads for your sales team.

Another benefit, since the work is outsourced, is that you you can scale up or down easily, depending on seasonality or other market conditions. It’s fast and simple to add more calls and boost your volumes as needed.

Qualifying inquiries

Busy medtech and B2B sales organizations often overlook inbound inquiries and cooler leads. These may be from visitors to your website, past events or previous email campaigns. They’ve shown some interest in your product or service, but not enough to be fully “sales ready.”

An outsourced contact center can do the initial work to determine status, identify the real decision-makers and ask questions related to budget, timing and need. The key is to connect with people through skilled conversations; this two-way dialogue promptly gathers the information you need in ways digital campaigns cannot.

Inquiries that are a good fit move on to sales-ready leads, and are passed to your in-house sales team. The call center can continue to nurture those prospects who aren’t yet ready with periodic follow-up calls. This partnership enables your in-house sales resources to focus on making the sale, while simultaneously keeping your brand strong in the market with timely outreach to interested potential buyers.

Customer outreach

In addition to qualifying inquiries and generating new leads, a B2B and medtech contact center can assist with ongoing customer service and outreach efforts to customers. Periodic calls are a great way to improve customer retention, increase satisfaction, boost product usage and cross-sell or up-sell new features or services. Too often, however, sales reps bypass these calls in favor of net new sales opportunities. Inbound customer service or tech support staff typically lack the time for proactive calls, or the skills required for inside sales.

A contact center can fill that gap by executing outbound calling campaigns. Examples might include:

  • Market research with customers
  • Informing users of warranty changes or recalls
  • Promoting new products or services offered that complement or enhance what they’re currently using

Receiving this information via a phone call is more personal than email or snail mail. A conversational approach also yields greater results.

Your in-house sales team can sell more effectively when lead generation and inside sales activities happen automatically. Outsourcing these functions to an experienced B2B or medtech contact center frees up their time and ensures this important work happens efficiently. Connect with us and let your team focus on closing more sales.

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