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Outbound calling continues with remote and onsite capabilities

Same equipment, same professional callers—same call quality

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

Like most businesses, we are working diligently to navigate these uncharted waters. The health and safety of our valued employees and clients remains our top priority.

To that end, we have successfully transitioned our call center operations to a hybrid model that enables calling from both our Plymouth, Minnesota contact center and through remote callers working from their homes. This dual model allows us to flex capacity and maintain operations as circumstances require, while simultaneously protecting our staff.

We are open for business and able to accommodate new campaigns for lead generation, appointment-setting, market research and account management.

Call center agent on headset and using computer

Does remote calling impact your capabilities?

No. In fact, while callers and call center managers are working from home, they are using identical equipment to that of our contact center. That includes high-quality microphones, professional headsets, secure VoIP technology and our robust Noble calling platform. Recipients will notice no difference in the caliber of communication, whether remote or onsite. We’ve adapted our proven processes for training, performance and quality assurance as well.

Is calling still viable?

Yes. We continue outbound calling for multiple B2B and medtech accounts, using our most experienced professionals. We assess progress daily, and adapt our call scripts and target geographies as needed to maintain momentum. While the country is still far from “business as usual,” companies and decision-makers are answering the phone! We find showing empathy with a  simple “I know this is a difficult time, do you have a moment?” goes a long way. In times of uncertainty, a proactive call can simultaneously show you care and gather important insights to fuel your sales or customer retention efforts.

When should we resume lead generation?

Every company will have its own timetable, based on your industry, target geography and product or service. We do recommend planning now for your recovery, as it can take several weeks to launch a new campaign. It’s also important to re-evaluate your product positioning and key messages to be sensitive to current conditions. We are happy to discuss custom lead generation campaigns and offer recommendations tailored to your individual situation.

Need more info? We have a number of helpful articles on our website with tips for lead generation and outbound calling during the COVID-19 outbreak. Or, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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