Outsource Inside Sales to Tap Into All Revenue Sources

OutsourceIn order for a company to grow and thrive, it’s necessary to tap into all potential revenue sources. And yet, it’s common to find that in house sales professionals are focused only on the larger A and B accounts. The C and D accounts don’t get the attention they deserve, which means that they may ultimately choose to purchase from another company. While losing out on a few of these smaller accounts may not seem like a big deal, it’s important to recognize that they do add up and can often be efficiently targeted and managed to generate revenue through insides sales.

It’s often in a company’s best interest not to dismiss these smaller prospects. Here’s a look at what companies can do to maintain a nice balance between paying attention to smaller prospects and nurturing the ones with a higher potential:

Sales Professionals Need to Be Efficient

Sales people want and need to spend their time as wisely and efficiently as possible, and in many ways focusing on the A and B accounts that are farther along in the sales process, and closest to converting, makes sense. It’s also very expensive in many cases to assign a sales rep to smaller accounts and the ROI doesn’t make sense. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that C and D accounts should be ignored. This is a perfect example of how an outsourced lead-generation and inside sales partner can be an effective revenue generator.

Outsourcing some sales resources, reaching out by phone and having a team available for customer support is beneficial not only to generate new business from smaller accounts, but also to increase revenue from existing “small” customers who are already using the product or service and are happy with it.

Why You Should Outsource

Just as the sales team is focused on the larger accounts initially, those accounts also get the most attention after the sale. However, it is still important to do the same with smaller accounts because they could always lead to a larger sale in the future if nurtured correctly. An outsourced inside sales partner can be in touch with the smaller customers and clients, generating interest in new products or services that complement what they are already using. They can also be available when the customer or prospect calls in with questions, concerns, purchase inquiries and orders.

The smaller C and D accounts are an important source of revenue. Sales could be lost if this segment of the business is left untapped. If the sales team isn’t able to spend their time with the small accounts or you need a cost-effective way to grow and manage these segments, consider engaging with an outsourced inside sales partner. Contact us for more information.