The Role of B2B Inside Sales Professionals

The Role of B2B Inside Sales Professionals

Inside sales professionals that work for business to business (B2B) companies take on a lot of roles. Their jobs don’t simply entail a single scripted call to all of the names on a provided list.

Their roles are tied into the inside sales process as a whole, which means that it encompasses much more than you may think. Closing a sale and keeping a customer or client happy requires multiple “touches.” Here’s more information:

Are you wondering exactly what those roles are? Each of the following responsibilities falls within the inside sales function:


Sales don’t happen magically. Inside sales professionals spend a lot of time conducting pre-sale activities that make it much easier to close a sale when the timing is right. The intention of an initial phone call with a potential prospect isn’t to close a sale. Instead, it’s about gathering information that can help identify qualified prospects. During initial outreach an inside sales professional will ask appropriate questions in order to identify key decision makers and determine whether the organization is a good fit for the product/service and if they have an active need.


Once opportunities have been qualified and key decision makers have been outlined, the inside sales team can begin taking a sales approach to their phone calls. At this point, it’s important for the inside sales professional to build rapport with the prospect in order to establish their trust. The sales pitch should be engaging and persuasive.

The presentation should include all benefits that are relevant to the prospect’s individual needs. Taking a personalized approach that addresses the challenges and needs identified in the qualification process is what resonates best with the prospect. Ideally, at this point, the prospect is ready to make decisions and move forward with the sales.


An inside sales professional doesn’t disappear once the sale is achieved. Inside sales teams are often involved in some aspects of customer service such as answering questions, resolving issues and maintaining a relationship that supports ongoing business from customers as well as account growth over time.

The B2B inside sales team is extremely important to organizations and it’s crucial to build out a long-term strategy that supports engagement, professional development and efficiency. Contact Volkart May for more information about how understanding these roles can help your company.