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The importance of ongoing lead generation calling

Improve results with a regular cadence for your outbound call campaigns

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Consistency is a challenge with any sales effort. Making calls daily. Contacting hard-to-reach decision-makers. Following up regularly to nurture cooler leads.

In the right business development environment, callers embrace this routine as a challenge and aspire to reach new goals. In the wrong sales setting, business development reps focus only on the hottest opportunities, or try to do too much and quickly burn out.

Lead generation success requires regular outreach

Success in medtech or B2B lead generation calling requires connecting—and reconnecting—with prospects on an ongoing basis. Email and digital marketing can keep your brand in the news, but there’s no substitute for the power of direct human contact.

That’s where outsourced lead generation call center services like Volkart May come in. We tackle the day-to-day outreach, from cold calling and qualifying to nurturing cooler leads and setting appointments. We’re equipped to manage the process from start to finish, with talented professional callers who excel at turning conversations into results.

This proven approach keeps your products and services front-and-center, without taxing your internal resources.

Top three benefits of ongoing lead generation calling

A regular cadence of outbound calling produces these benefits for B2B and medtech companies.

1. Supports your revenue goals year-round

Sales teams should be busy throughout the year—not just a few months here or there. If you only make one big push with outbound lead generation calling (or any type of campaign), your sales funnel will dry up quickly. An ongoing medtech or B2B sales call campaign ensures a steady flow of qualified leads. In turn, your sales team can concentrate their efforts on building relationships, follow-up conversations, product demos and other high-value activities without juggling too many things at once.

2. Improves conversion rates and qualified opportunities

When are prospects more likely to engage in a sales conversation: When you use a generic approach once a year, or when you know their ideal timing and mention specific elements relevant to their needs? Using outbound lead generation calling month over month harnesses a wealth of data and market insights. It arms your business development reps and your best sales closers with key insights that result in tailored conversations.

Over time, you can hone your approach to the best audiences, call times and messaging themes that convert more prospects to qualified leads and ready opportunities. Ad hoc calling a few times a year will always take more time and effort with fewer results.

3. Reaches your prospects at the right time

Ever lose a deal because a qualified prospect bought from someone else—without contacting your company? It’s more common than you might think. Staying in touch several times a year keeps your company top of mind. It keeps your chances high that you’ll be in the mix when the prospect is ready to buy. A regular cadence of outbound lead generation and lead nurturing calls maximizes your opportunity. The more you call, the more you learn, which helps guide scheduling of the ideal frequency for callbacks.

As a final reminder, never disqualify a lead for timing alone. Studies show it can take six or more attempts to convert a B2B or medtech prospect to a qualified lead. Just because the first contact doesn’t convert doesn’t mean the company won’t be a great customer in the future. Regular outbound calling puts you in position when the timing is right.

Add capacity and improve results

Learn more about Volkart May’s lead generation and relationship-building services, then contact us to discuss opportunities with your organization. We’d love to help!

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