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Hiring woes? Try inside sales outsourcing

In a tight job market, take a new approach to B2B business development

Anika Temperante
Anika Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing

Right now, thanks to the Great Resignation and unemployment levels at record-setting lows, staffing an inside sales function can be challenging. But, ongoing business development and lead generation efforts are vital to the success of your B2B or medtech company.

Instead of worrying about want ads and interview no-shows for your open inside sales positions, consider subscribing to an inside sales outsourcing service. A professional lead generation call center like Volkart May, for example, can handle sales prospecting, lead generation, inquiry qualification, appointment-setting, and many other important tasks of an inside sales team.

Even companies with a full team of internal sales reps can benefit from inside sales outsourcing. Having a trusted lead generation and outbound calling partner gives you extra bandwidth when you need it. There’s no need to hire and train extra reps or scramble for additional resources; ramping up the velocity of your sales prospecting calls is as easy as contacting your outsourced inside sales solution.


Low unemployment makes good insides sales candidates hard to find

Qualified inside sales reps can be hard to find in the current economy. The national unemployment rate this summer stands at just 3.6 percent, with many Midwestern states like Minnesota and Nebraska seeing even tighter job markets. Strong inside sales candidates are finding their pick of open positions.

For medtech and B2B employers, recruiting a full sales team is challenging. And, while positions remain open, your lead generation and sales pipeline can languish due to lack of staffing.

The cost of full-time inside sales reps is another factor in corporate sales decision-making. puts the average base salary in 2022 for an inside sales rep in the U.S. at just over $62,000. Add in commissions, benefits and overhead, and it’s easy for the business expense for a single sales rep to reach six figures.

That makes good onboarding, training and retention practices a must, so you can keep new inside sales reps satisfied and willing to remain with the organization for the long-term.

Combat sales hiring challenges with a new approach

The tough job market and rising costs of employment have many B2B and medtech sales leaders considering a new approach instead of hiring: Inside sales outsourcing.

In this model, a trusted lead generation partner like Volkart May operates as an extension of your internal sales team.

Working together, the inside sales company:

  • Learns your target audience, ideal sales prospect and what makes a qualified lead.
  • Makes outbound sales prospecting calls on your behalf.
  • Collects important information, such as decision-maker names and titles, opt-in emails and key data that drives your sales cycle.
  • Generates qualified leads and sets sales appointments, passing the warmest opportunities along for the internal team to close.

Your outsourcing partner can even nurture cooler opportunities until they’re ready to convert, by sending emails, sharing follow-up information and making periodic sales calls. This steady stream of activity builds a trusted relationship with potential B2B and medtech buyers. It keeps your company top-of-mind until the time is right for a sale. Most importantly, it helps your internal sales reps focus on the most valuable sales activity: closing deals.

Inside sales outsourcing adds value in many ways

Sharing business development and lead generation activities with a professional inside sales partner adds value in a number of ways.

Your B2B company benefits by:

  • Alleviating the risks, costs and pressures common with managing an internal business development team
  • Keeping lead generation and appointment-setting on track to meet your sales and revenue goals
  • Focusing your specialized internal team on high-value tasks like product demos, client visits, negotiating contracts and most importantly, closing deals
  • Scaling up or down quickly as your market needs require, without the time, effort or expense of hiring (or laying off) inside sales reps

In addition, an experienced lead generation and outbound calling partner like Volkart May works with dozens of leading brands every year. That means we know what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to effective inside sales. We can share these valuable best practices with our clients to shape every campaign to maximize results.

Still skeptical about the power of inside sales outsourcing? Check our our recent medtech and B2B client case studies. Our ROI and results tell the story of successful inside sales outsourcing. Then, contact us to discuss how we can work together to meet our lead generation and sales goals.

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