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How sales mentoring improves business development

Peer-to-peer relationships strengthen caller skills and boost retention

Chris Temperante
Chris Temperante
CEO / Partner

Helpful. Motivated. Engaging. Professional.

These are just a few of the adjectives clients use to describe the talented outbound callers here at Volkart May.

Our exceptional business development representative are why sales and marketing teams trust us for:

  • Seasoned, responsible brand ambassadors. Our callers are experts at representing our clients’ brands and understand the trust placed in us.
  • Engaging senior decision-makers. Specializing in medtech and B2B means we know how to navigate through gatekeepers and connect with busy healthcare and B2B leaders. We’re quick learners, even with complicated products and complex sales cycles.
  • Natural, peer-to-peer conversations. We ditch the script. Our callers excel at one-on-one dialogue that builds rapport, delivers information and ultimately, generates qualified leads and appointments.
  • Exceptional hand-offs. With our open and collaborative process, our callers are virtually indistinguishable from the internal team. Information flows quickly from our systems to the client’s—including digital call recordings—for swift follow-up by your sales closers.

But, becoming a professional conversationalist doesn’t happen overnight. That’s where mentoring comes in.

Sales mentors provide peer-to-peer support

Mentoring is a key part of our rigorous training and ongoing employee engagement. It’s one of the most important ways that we onboard new talent, retain our inside sales callers and give our team members opportunity for advancement.

It’s also helpful to maintain and strengthen team connections, particularly when working in virtual environments. When everyone is new, a mentor offers a welcoming and friendly face.

Mentoring delivers benefits in any sales environment, but it’s particularly effective with staff who are newer to the profession. After all, outbound calling can be intimidating!

We pair every business development specialist who joins Volkart May with a seasoned caller who acts as their mentor. Our mentors are volunteers who enjoy coaching and supporting their colleagues in addition to their regular slate of outbound calling, appointment-setting and lead generation activities. Mentoring is often a first step in career advancement, and a key reason that Volkart May callers often have significant tenure in our organization.

Strive for frequent and honest communication

An effective sales mentoring program needs structure and regular communication. We ask our Volkart May mentors to meet every day with their assigned caller, usually for about 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each calling cycle.

Depending on the situation, these conversations occur face-to-face, or via Zoom or a phone call. The key is providing frequent check-ins to establish rapport quickly and build confidence for new business development representative.

Mentoring is particularly valuable in the first few weeks of a new inside sales job when callers need to acclimate to the contact center environment (or a work from home setup). Mentors help less experienced business development representative feel comfortable asking questions and taking guidance because they’re working with a peer rather than their supervisor. They’re invaluable resources for sharing hands-on tips and making sure new business development representative engage in our call center culture.

All of these sales mentoring activities happen over and above our regular caller training and development. Having multiple channels supports each lead generation caller with a variety of touchpoints and educational opportunities.

If you need to improve your inside sales effectiveness and call center culture, we highly recommend instituting a mentoring program.

Tap our expertise to extend your sales resources

Volkart May callers are the backbone of our organization, and the “voice” of dozens of leading B2B and medtech brands. We operate as an extension of the internal sales and marketing team to deliver a consistent, high-quality stream of leads and opportunities. We’d love to support your goals! Contact us to learn more.

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