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Three reasons to outsource medtech inside sales

Meet your healthcare sales goals and use your internal resources wisely

Cathy Schmid
Cathy Schmid
EVP Business Development/Partner

It’s rare for a medtech lead to turn into a sale immediately. In most cases, complex sales with hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies tend to move gradually through the pipeline. That’s why it’s important to implement an inside sales strategy that reaches every stage of the sales cycle.

That attention to detail, however, can be time consuming for the in-house sales and marketing teams to manage. It’s one reason many medtech companies choose to outsource with a qualified and experienced healthcare lead generation partner like Volkart May.

Three reasons to outsource medtech inside sales

Here are three benefits of outsourcing medtech inside sales activities.

1. The lead pipeline stays full

When it comes to healthcare sales prospecting and medtech lead generation, consistency pays off. Outsourcing to a professional contact center ensures the work gets done regularly, without the distractions that too often delay or disrupt internal efforts.

With an outsourced lead generation resource:

  • Calling happens on a set schedule that meets your lead generation goals.
  • Your internal team receives a steady stream of pre-qualified leads.
  • Your marketing team gets updated contact information to use in digital campaigns.

It’s a winning combination that keeps the pipeline stocked with qualified prospects at hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers. Your outsourced call center can also conduct lead nurturing activities with cooler prospects until those organizations are ready for more detailed follow-up.

2. Sales reps stay active with qualified leads

Outsourcing your medtech inside sales activities helps your internal sales reps focus on value-added activities like building relationships, working with buying committees, customizing proposals and demonstrating your product or service.

Instead of dividing their time between early stage and “ready to buy” opportunities (where cooler leads almost always fall by the wayside), the in-house team can concentrate on the most qualified leads and take them through the “home stretch” to conversion and closed sales.

3. More deals close to achieve sales and revenue goals

When it comes down to it, managing the medtech sales pipeline is really a numbers game. The more resources you apply—at all stages of the healthcare sales cycle—the greater the odds that you can close the deals required to meet your healthcare sales and revenue goals.

Outsourcing your medtech lead generation makes it fast and simple to scale your efforts up or down, without the time and effort needed when hiring new sales reps internally. It also powers a regular stream of closed deals with hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Your inside sales team can count on having a full pipeline of leads and opportunities to work throughout the year.

Work with our professional healthcare callers

Outsourcing some or all of your medtech inside sales activities provides a cost-effective way to fill the sales pipeline and meet your medtech goals. Learn more about our dedicated medical technology and healthcare practice, then contact us to discuss your needs.

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