5 B2B Sales Lead List Best Practices

Sales Lead List

Sales lead lists obtained online, through brokers or crowd sourcing subscriptions, or via an inside sales partner remain an integral part of B2B inside sales. They essentially serve as a starting point during a calling campaign.

Inside sales representatives work off of the lists in order to generate targeted sales leads that are a good match for the products/services offered. To follow are 5 B2B sales lead list best practices for inside sales representatives to follow during a calling campaign:

Segment the List

Upon receiving a sales lead list, the first step is to segment it, which allows the sales representative to focus on people/companies on the list that are more likely to be a better fit. For example, the list can be segmented by industry, company size, location, or other characteristics.

Continue to Follow Up

Sales lead lists can be hit or miss, but it’s important to make multiple contact attempts with anyone on the list. An initial phone call might have occurred at a bad time or the contact didn’t have an active interest in the products/services offered. That doesn’t mean that a call in the future won’t be more successful. It’s important to continue to work off of an “old” list in order to stay top of mind since companies’ needs change over time.

Find the Best Person to Speak With

Personnel will change over time and sometimes as a sales lead list ages, contact names and titles become obsolete. This doesn’t mean that the list is useless. The list will still include a company name. The sales representative will just have to be a little bit more creative in order to determine who the best person to speak with is.

Call the Main Line When Needed

Having the direct line information of decision makers is great, but calling the main line is helpful too. A receptionist can often confirm if the person listed is still the best decision maker and perhaps when are good times to reach them if you are having trouble dialing their direct line and getting no answer.

Cross Reference Lists

If multiple sales representatives are working off of lead lists, be sure to cross reference them to ensure that they aren’t calling the same companies or calling current customers or active prospects.

A sales lead list is really only as valuable as the inside sales representative makes it. It serves as a starting point and allows them to build out a more targeted and segmented list of prospects over time. For more information, contact Volkart May.