Checklist to Keep Leads Moving Through the Sales Funnel

Checklist to Keep Leads Moving Through the Sales Funnel

Generating leads is necessary for business success, however it’s really only a first step. In order for those leads to generate a return on investment, they need to move through the sales funnel and eventually convert into a paying customer or client.

In other words, it isn’t enough to simply generate leads – they need to be viable. If your promising leads aren’t moving through the sales funnel, it’s worthwhile to consider this checklist and adjust your strategy accordingly:

Speak with the Right Person

In order to move the process along, you need to be speaking to a decision maker or key influencer within the organization. While conversations with anyone in the business can be meaningful, it’s the conversations with those that feel the pain and make the decisions that are going to carry the most weight and keep things moving.

Properly Qualify Leads

All leads aren’t created equal. Determining if they are good or not requires some prep work. That’s why it’s important to spend the time qualifying leads that come in by having an initial phone call and asking the right questions up front to determine whether or not they are a good fit.

Clearly Describe Your Solution

During initial outreach and throughout the nurturing process, it’s important to clearly outline what the features and benefits of your solution are to the decision makers so it’s clear how you can help them. If possible, the information should be personalized in order to meet that organization’s unique needs.

Clearly Define Next Steps

Don’t leave it up to the lead to follow up with you. During the conversation, next steps should be clearly defined, whether that means setting up another phone call, scheduling a web demo, meeting additional decision makers, etc. Send a calendar invitation and reminder emails leading up to the next meeting.

Conduct Multiple Follow Up Attempts

How many times does your sales team reach out before marking a lead as dead? If it’s only a few, it’s time to increase that number. It can take multiple attempts by phone and/or email to finally connect. Don’t give up on a lead too quickly. Persistence often pays off.

Continue to Nurture Leads

If you’ve connected with a lead but they’re not quite ready to move forward yet, that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about. It’s important to have a lead nurturing strategy in place in order to keep your company top of mind for when the time is right. This strategy can include sending them relevant content on a regular basis utilizing marketing automation tools and having an inside sales person periodically stay in touch to build the relationship.

The key to sales success is to generate quality leads and then properly communicate with those leads over time in order for them to convert. The tips in this checklist can help guide the process and keep leads moving through the sales funnel.