Volkart May Process

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A simple process for high volume calling

You can take the difficulty out of B2B lead generation and market research with an outsourced partner. Volkart May has built a proven process over 20 years, and that process focuses on developing and managing calling campaigns to ensure that our clients get the results they need while giving them time to focus on other business priorities.

Simple, flexible & consultative

Our process is tried-and-true, and is conducted collaboratively with our client as part of the campaign team. All of our calling campaigns are built around a five-step model.

  1. Campaign design and development, including development of a call guide and training of our callers on our client’s products or services
  2. Calling and lead scoring, with weekly phone meetings that include our client to ensure call quality and to make any necessary tweaks to the campaign
  3. Transferring of all leads to our client’s CRM or FTP site, along with individual digital recordings of all calls
  4. Obtaining feedback from our client and responding to any questions, including customizing the campaign reports if requested
  5. Ongoing loop of lead management