Utilize B2B Outbound Calling to Enhance Marketing Efforts

utilize-b2b-outbound-calling-to-enhance-marketing-effortsThe marketing department is tasked with the responsibility of generating awareness and interest in a company and its products/services in order to increase inbound leads. The best approach to marketing efforts today is integrated, since potential prospects are receiving information across a variety of channels. Incorporating online marketing efforts along with traditional marketing tactics such as event marketing, print marketing, and advertising increases the number of touchpoints, which is necessary in order to reach potential customers and clients and to stay top of mind until a buying decision is made. In addition to these marketing methods, it’s also recommended to incorporate outbound calling into the mix. Here’s how an outbound calling campaign can enhance marketing efforts:

Conduct market research

A marketing campaign is only effective if the product/service is valuable and if the campaign is targeting the right audience. An outbound calling campaign is a key way to collect market research data from prospects. While speaking with prospects, agents can probe for detailed information that can be used in crafting marketing campaigns.

Lead qualification

Inbound leads come in a variety of forms. Some leads have the potential to be profitable right away, others might not be profitable for some time, and some inbound leads will never be a good fit. An agent can call leads in order to get to know them on a deeper level. This allows them to properly qualify the lead. This information is useful to the marketing department because it gives them a better idea of who their campaigns are attracting and they can make any changes necessary.

Timely inquiry follow up

Every lead should be followed up on to make the most of all marketing efforts. It might not make sense for seasoned sales professionals to follow up right away, especially since they are busy closing sales from prospects that are further through the sales funnel. However, this initial outreach shouldn’t be ignored because it tells the lead that their potential business is important and keeps them engaged.

Maintaining a current database

A B2B lead generation database must be up to date in order for a direct mail, email, or calling campaign to be effective. Agents can call prospects to ensure that all contact information is accurate.

While you may not initially think of outbound calling as part of your strategy, it’s a valuable tool. A dialogue between two people often uncovers information that can lead to a sale.